You think you ready for VirginMega, Ok, I’m not supposed to be telling everyone this info, but I felt like it was only right for all of this supporters that have asking for that #FunkFlexAllStars Gear that funk has been posting throughout the week!! Of course everything isn’t for everybody, but you’re about getting that new new, and technology, then this is for you!!!

Tat Wza

Let’s waste no time and get to how it’s done! 1st you download the App, then open it up, via your twitter is best, especially for later you don’t have to, but remember, I’m telling you some secrets(Secret #1), so trust me!! Back to it, after you sign in, hook up your profile, that way people see you you are, and trust me there will be some sexy ladies(or dudes IF you’re into that) in line that flirting with them will not only benefit your life, but your place in line(Secret #2). This needs to be done prior to the actual sale(3p sharp tomorrow-2/20/15) because speed is VERY Important in the line jumping process(Secret #3)!

Next move, set the alert for the sale, that’s not really a secret, more like common sense. So when the line starts, you’ll need to be in there asap, the quickest you do that the quicker you get in the top 10. Right away the tell you your space in line, so if there are 229 people in line and you get in late, you’ll be in 221, but if you’re quick, you’ll be in that top 110, then its really easy to get in the top 10!!!

The obvious is the ‘gimme a jump’ button at the bottom of the screen, once you hit that, you have about 4 options to use for jumps, look at all of them see which one you know off the back(you don’t want to waste any of them), use the one you know, then look up the ones you don’t, again, don’t waste any, but you will get more, it’s all about timing(Secret #4).

Another way to get ahead, is tweeting out the Link(ours is vme.ga/funkflex, actually, it couldn’t hurt to tweet that out right now!!

As long as you pay attention, move quick, move in that line, and this #FunkFlexAllStar gear that’s borough specific is yours!!! Check the gallery above for examples of everything I mentioned so you know what it looks like!