This should come as no surprise considering how big of a star Kobe is and how long he has played, but the black mamba is currently listed as the most wealthiest player in the league! The Lakers great comes in with a worth of about $290 million, but odds are when they do this list next year Kobe will lose the top spot. The way Lebron is selling his “Lebron 12” kicks, combined with the fact he could restructure his contract and get more money if he really wants should help him take over as the cash king of the NBA! Check out the rest of the top ten!


1.Kobe Bryant: $290 million
2.LeBron James: $280 million
3.Kevin Garnett: $240 million
4.Dwyane Wade: $160 million
5.Tim Duncan: $150 million
6.Paul Pierce: $130 million
7.Vince Carter: $130 million
8.Dirk Nowitzki: $120 million
9.Ray Allen: $120 million
10.Carmelo Anthony: $110 million

Allen is on the list because technically he is not retired yet. I was still somewhat surprised to see him in the top ten, but then again he has played and built up his wealth for a long time.