We’ve all seen the video going around social media by now, appearing to show Rihanna getting friendly with that white girl. The video was questionable from the start, because it wasn’t clear what exactly Rih was doing, and was pretty likely she was simply rolling weed – as she’s known to love to do.

Turns out, that’s the case, as Rih took to Instagram to put the rumors to rest with a video of what she was doing from a better angle, that shows she was basing a joint with a cigarette. She also has clapped back in comments on Instagram, particularly to user @1ezmoney (who called her the next Whitney – and who has since deleted his page after the Navy DRAGGED him,) and also threw on some Petty Wap ft. PettyNextDoor by posting an old photo of her drinking Coca-Cola. Check out the pics in the gallery and video below.

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