Tidal App

Seems to be a lot of disappointment coming from this Tidal app not so much the app itself but falling out of the top 700 Apps to averaging only 1 million streams a day must have Hov like WTF!? Having all star musicians from different genre’s and genres alike would be like taking every great ball player from every country and forming a dream team but for some reason this team is losing on paper.


Its said that Jay is ignoring the the new artist section of the app in favor or the superstars, But what do you plan on doing with averages of only 1 million streams when spotify does that with a single song. Its probably beginning to bug those who have invested and have some ownership of the app, Also statistics show that spotify has seen an increase in streams even after the Tidal app was released. Rihanna’s song “American Oxygen” was streamed on Tidal which was not suppose to be released as of yet and it only sold 19k in 4 days. Hopefully this new highly anticipated joint album by Jay Z and Beyonce can save face for the new app what chu think tat? For more details regarding the joint album click here.