Finally! This Update Will Make Prince Fans VERY Happy!

According to a new report, Prince‘s music will begin streaming on all prominent streaming platforms beginning on February 12. Previously, the late singer’s legendary catalog was only available on Jay Z’s TIDAL, but following a lawsuit from his estate after his death last spring, a change is on the horizon.

Tech: Netflix Introduces HDR To Their TV and Film Streaming Service

Netflix introduces HDR (High Dynamic Range) content to their streaming service. However, to access this feature, members may need to upgrade their television or monitor to one that can support HDR output; as well as pay for a premium-priced subscription.

‘The Life Of Pablo’ Will Be Released To All Streaming Services

Despite his tweet that it would “never never never” be anywhere than TIDAL, it looks like Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo will be coming to Apple Music, Spotify, Rhapsody and Google Play this Friday, April 1. Already, “Famous” and “I Love Kanye” have been released to the other streaming services, as well as Soundcloud’s newly-implemented paid platform, Soundcloud Go. Ye is STILL adding updates to the project as we speak, so there should be quite a difference when its released tomorrow. Will you be streaming this?

The RIAA Adds Streaming To Album Certifications; Big Sean, Kendrick + More Now Platinum!

Effective today, February 1, the RIAA will now include audio and video streams and a track sale equivalent in gold and platinum album certifications. While Billboard and Nielsen Soundscan began factoring streaming in some time ago, artists were still not being awarded for going gold or platinum until they were all via traditional sales. In 2013, RIAA first added on-demand streams to its Digital Single Award only, and now they have adapted to the times once again, as streaming continues to grow rapidly in popularity. To calculate the formula for album certification, 1,500 on-demand audio and/or video song streams will equal 10 single sales, which is 1 album sale. (In the same token, if 10 singles are purchased on iTunes, that is also 1 album sale.) For single certification, they have now updated the 2013 formula from 100 on-demand streams = 1 download to 150 on-demand streams = 1 download. This update was done “to reflect streaming’s enormous growth in the two plus years since that ratio was set.”

(Photos) Dame Dash To Launch Streaming Service!

Dame Dash seems to always have a new business venture up his sleeve and with the success of past endeavors, I would not be surprised if his latest business plan takes off. Dame has been working on a streaming service–Dame Dash Studios–for some time now and it is set to launch on September 1st!

(Video) Google Play Music Is Now Free!

Google’s streaming service Google Play music is now free for everyone, without a subscription. Like Spotify and Pandora, Google Play music now allows you to listen to music whenever you want without having to pay for it. This gives Tat Wza another way to play music while driving. Click the link to find out how to get free music on Google.

Tons Of New Stuff To Stream In May On Netflix, Hulu & Amazon Prime

If you have lets say maybe a late spring break vacation or you’re in your last semester of college and your bored in your dorm with nothing to do. Or maybe you’re just a homebody that doesn’t go out much. Whatever the case is here’s a bunch of movies and shows added on to your favorite streaming apps.

(Photos) Hulu Just Paid $180 Million For Every Episode of Seinfeld

TV streaming services are getting extremely competitive nowadays. Reportedly Hulu paid nearly $180 million dollars for all 180 episodes of Seinfeld. Sources say it is just about 1 million dollars per episode. Find out who will be getting all of that money after the jump!

(Photos) Jay-Z To Perform Classics At Secret Tidal Concert In NYC!

Jay-Z is pulling out all the stops for his music streaming service Tidal. This morning an announcement was made that Hov is going to have an intimate concert in NYC on May 13th where hes going to perform his best B-side hits from his career. Apparently songs that have never been performed live or havent been performed in over 10 years will be the attraction of this exclusive concert. Read more to find out how you can attend this special show!

(Photo) Tidal App Averages Only 1 Million Streams A Day

Seems to be a lot of disappointment coming from this Tidal app not so much the app itself but falling out of the top 700 Apps to averaging only 1 million streams a day must have Hov like WTF!? Having all star musicians from different genre’s and genres alike would be like taking every great ball player from every country and forming a dream team but for some reason this team is losing on paper.

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