Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis gave an impassioned plea to the city of Baltimore earlier this week to stop the riots and violent protest. He wanted the same peaceful protesting that everybody else wanted and his message went viral quickly. It may have inspired another famous athlete with Baltimore ties to step up as well because yesterday Carmelo Anthony came back to rep for his city and join the protesters.


The sports media would like you to think Melo is from New York, despite the fact he only lived here until he was 8 years old. It makes it a better story since he plays for the Knicks in the world’s most famous arena. But make no mistake about it, Melo’s real hometown is Baltimore and yesterday the pride for his city was on display.

Melo returned to the place he called home as a youngin’ all the way through high school and marched side by side with other peaceful protestors in an effort to finally bring some change.

It is easy to say you want to do something, but to be physically out there all day showing your support is another. You better believe Melo made some new fans yesterday just by carrying himself and walking with his head high in the city that the regular media will only want to display the negative.