Rapper Lil B is not a happy man and we cannot blame him for this one. He is claiming that while he was staying at the Oakland Airport’s Red Lion, they kicked him out of his room due to a complaint for a “strong smell of weed.” They told him that while he was gone, their private security raided his room and found a small bag of weed. After they told him he must get his belongings and exit the premises, he realized that he was missing $10,000 in cash. When he confronted the hotel staff about his missing moolah and said he wanted to file a complaint, he was basically ignored completely. However, he got the whole thing on tape and leaked the footage online. He even went to Oakland PD to file a report.

Check out the awkward encounter below.

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Sooooo, I wonder if he included the weed part in there orrrrrrrr naw.

Source: TMZ