With the amount of fatalities that occur every year because of texting and driving it’s inevitable for this type of technology to be invented. RayGo is a new device which clips onto your steering wheel and lets you text and use certain apps while driving without taking your eyes off the road. Read more to learn how the device works and to see photos of it in action.

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The RayGo device invented by Project Ray founders Michael Vakulenko and Boaz Zilberman uses patented smartphone technology originally intended for the blind. The Israeli entrepreneurs also designed the device to stop functioning when you should not be using it. It uses the accelerometer in your phone as well as GPS to determine if you are driving too fast or making a turn. They have even gone so far as to make sure the voice speaks slower to the driver when it knows he or she should be concentrating. TatWza this doesn’t seem like its too dangerous but their are critics. To use this black and yellow plastic device you clamp it onto your steering wheel. You pair it via bluetooth to your android device and the 5 button gadget now has access to your messages, calendar, and apps like Gmail and Spotify.

The device is voice controlled as well as touch controlled and can recognize a multitude of commands. You can call out the name of a contact to call without touching anything and RayGO will automatically dial it for you. Project Ray was launched on crowdfunding website Indiegogo with an original goal to raise $30,000 dollars. They raised that in 2 weeks which showed the huge consumer interest and need for a device like this.

Co-owner Boaz Zilberman had this to say “We are very happy we were able to take this technology and produce a product that could help almost everyone, and not just a limited group. Developing the RAY device for the visually impaired taught us a lot about how users interact with their devices, and we were able to use this information to develop a new product that we believe is going to help save thousands of lives.

Source USA Today