Floyd Mayweather’s fight with Manny Pacquiao shattered pay-per-view records, but his last hurrah might not cost you very much. In fact, it might not cost you at all.


The boxer will fight again Sept. 12, though Mayweather’s camp hasn’t decided on an opponent. Mayweather has said it will be his 49th and final match, and now, a source told CBSSports.com it could be broadcast live on CBS.

The bout is the last of Mayweather’s six-fight deal with Showtime, a CBS subsidiary, so a showdown on free TV absolutely is a possibility. Mayweather also made over $200 million on the Pacquiao fight after pay-per-view sales, so it’s not as though a free fight would hurt him.

Then again, Mayweather news hasn’t been very predictable of late. Some speculated his fight with Pacquiao would be his last until he announced he’d finish out his Showtime deal. And most recently, Mayweather said he’d relinquish his titles, but the World Boxing Organization ended up having to strip him of his welterweight belt Monday.

There even are folks who believe September’s match won’t actually be his last.

“Highly unlikely (he retires in September),” veteran matchmaker Rick Glaser told CBSSports.com. “The state of his financial situation — aka cash on hand — will dictate his future. More than likely, (it’s two) fights and leaving the game.”

Still a fight televised for free could do good things for Floyd. He obviously won’t be hurting for money and it could be a nice PR move to win over some of his biggest haters and critics by giving back to the fans like that.