Mark Cuban is starting to speak on more details about what really happened the other night with DeAndre Jordan, The Clippers and himself. Cuban is saying DeAndre is a big liar after he claims DeAndre told him he was out on a date when Clippers players and coach Doc Rivers were actually inside his home with him.


Mark Cuban says he got straight lied to by DeAndre Jordan, claiming the NBA star insisted he was “on a date” Wednesday night when he was really in a not so secret meeting with the Clippers.

Cuban just went to CyberDust — and admitted he did swing by Jordan’s Houston house when he started to become suspicious that DeAndre was having second thoughts about joining the Mavs.

“There was no one home. So I texted him saying that I was there. I know something is up. Let’s talk. He texted me that he was on a date.” “I told him to have fun. I wasn’t in a rush, that I was happy to come by there and say hi or he wanted to make the date fun, take them to Dallas for a night out.”

“He didn’t respond.”

Of course, there was no date — only Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and others who convinced Jordan to blow off his verbal deal with the Mavs and resign with the Clippers.

If this is fully true then this was a really grimey move on DeAndre’s part and there will be people around the league who will not forget how he conducted himself next time he is looking for contracts from other teams.