Chief Keef just fathered yet another baby… or so he thinks! The Chi-raq street rapper was recently told by a woman named “Lauren” that he is the father of her newborn baby but according to Keef’s lawyers, they’re not falling for it just yet. She wants Keef to pay child support for her two-month-old and even has him listed on the birth certificate as the daddy.

Sources close to CK said that Keef met Lauren at one of his shows in Kentucky and he ended up flying her out a few times. Nine months later… BOOM – a baby is born.

On Monday, Keef posted a photo of his alleged son with a caption that reads, “The White Sosa.” He then shortly after deleted the post when his lawyers began to question the credibility of the woman, saying that girls are constantly trying to throw babies on Keef for a check. Mind you, this would be Keef’s 4th baby mama if it’s true.

SOMEONE CALL MAURY… this is getting out of hand!

Head to the gallery and check out the little baby. Do you think it looks anything like Chief Keef?

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