Miami rapper Stitches isn’t too fond of fellow rapper Tyga. So much to the point that he put a price on the California based rapper’s jewlery. Yes, there’s now a bounty for Tyga’s chain.

The internet is a beautiful place where you can openly express how you feel about anyone and people will listen. Rapper Stitches did exactly that recently when he posted a $10,000 bounty on Tyga’s chain.

“I got 10 racks on Tyga’s chain, maybe even 50” Stitches stated “Bring that sh*t to me and I’ll give you some mother*ckin’ cash.”

No one knows exactly why this tremendous offer has been announced, but Stitches does mention Kylie Jenner. He claims to have had serious relations with her and wants Tyga to know too. The Miami rapper released the track “Kyga’s A Liar” last week in which he doesn’t hesitate to mention both Kylie and Tyga’s or call them out their names. The other rapper featured on Stitches’ diss track also claims to have had relations with Kylie as well. However, right now, this all just looks like a big game of “he say, he say” since Stitches and his featured rapper are the only ones pushing these alligations.

The Instagram post offering the $10,000 for the chain has since been deleted off Stitches’ page but we’ve got it below, check it out.

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Source: HipHopDX