Tionna Watkins also known by her stage name T-Boz, a former member of one of the worlds most popular girl groups in the 1990’s ‘TLC’ has recently revealed that she may be adopting a child. This doesn’t come as a suprise being that in 2010, she attempted to adopt a kid from Haiti around the same time as the devestating earthquake that took place.


Back in 2010 T-Boz stated in an interview on CNN with Larry King that she was willing to adopt but was rejected because of the tragedy that took place in Haiti. Ever since it has been on hold but its something she has always wanted to do. It’s been 14 years now that she had her daughter with rapper Mack 10. Whether or not the child will be from Haiti has not yet been revealed but the 45 year old rapper can’t seem to keep this exciting news to herself. According to TMZ when asked has there been any communication amongst her and the other TLC member Chilli, a happy T-Boz responded boastfully “The only communication there has been was when they were sharing the baby news”.

What T-Boz is doing is great! There are plenty of children all over the world that need someone who will love, care, and nurture for them and shes one of the many that is doing it. So many children are growing up in these countries without any food or water to rely on. Things seem to be looking in her favor from the looks of things, I hope all goes well.