Meek Mill x Sauce Twinz vs Drake

You all are very well aware of the history between Drake and Meek Mill, but you may or may not know what’s up with Drizzy and the Sauce Twinz.

Back in May, Drake got into a little social media tiff with one half of the Houston rap duo, after he’d promised a remix of one of Sauce Walka’s songs a few weeks prior…and it never materialized. When Drizzy came down to H-Town for his annual Houston Appreciation Weekend, Walka posted a video accusing Drake of stealing the Houston culture for “lyrical content,” and doing nothing in return but “hosting a family fun day” instead of collaborating with local artists. Drake soon replied on the video with sleeping emojis.

Since then, not much has came of it, but it seems the guys are stepping back into the ring to help Meek fight the same battle.

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

Taking to Instagram in the last few days, the Twinz have shared photos with Meek in the studio with them, as well as the very-telling cover art for their collab, “Winnin.” In the picture, it has “The Streets” winning 3-1 over “The Geeks,” with the latter being represented by a dorky owl (the Tootsie Pop owl, to be exact) – a clear jab at the OVO mascot.

The beef between Meek and Drake had seemingly cooled off following Meek’s failure of a response record and social media declaration that he’s over focusing on the negativity, but the pair have been at each other’s necks with slight jabs in songs and on stage since then. I’m sure the release of this song will only provoke Drake to hit the booth once again.

Do you think this should continue, or are you over it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Vlad