There’s always some truth to every joke but did she take it TOO far?  Olympic track and field, bob-sledder, model and Dancing With The Stars contestant Lolo Jones got into the Halloween Spirit and dressed up as Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose, but not just any Derrick Rose. Jones dressed up as a injured Derrick Rose and left nothing undone.

From the crutches, to the face mask, to the hair wig, Jones is sure to stir up some controversy for her laugh at the expense of the injury prone star. Rose, once an NBA MVP in 2011, has missed 212 games over the last four seasons due to multiple knee injuries.

While Bulls fans initially supported Rose during any recoveries, many of the fans patience began to run thin as the Bulls would make Playoff Run after Playoff Run led by tom Thibodeau and Joakim Noah, only to fall short year after year, often times to Lebron James led team. While they went to war, Rose was often seen on the sideline in a suit, still collecting checks.

Rose has been parodied in memes in the passed, but no athlete has ever come out and poked fun at his expess before.

Most recently, Rose fractured his orbital bone in his face prior to the 2015-16 season, forcing him to miss most of preseason. To his credit, Rose has returned for the regular season, wearing the aforementioned mask and seeing double vision. Basketball fans worldwide hold their breathe in hopes he finishes the season healthy.

Lolo Jones is no stranger to the Shock and Awe variety. Aside from her athletic pursuits, Jones made waves by revealing in 2012 that she was virgin, saving herself for marriage. Tempted as she was, she was holding out for her union.

She is sure to ruffle some feathers with this one. Did she take it too far, or is it all in good fun?
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