Farm animals get sick just like humans. So, farmers feed them antibiotics to keep them alive. However, not only sick animals get antibiotics. Antibiotics mix into all the feed, though. This way, even healthy animals eat the antibiotics. When humans eat these animals, doctors say kids can get sick. Hit the jump to find out how.

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As the global population grows, food grows in demand. So, farmers take shortcuts to raise animals faster- because they can make more money selling more animals. Logical. However, when it puts people’s health in jeopardy it should be illegal.

Animals get sick just like humans. So while raising them to get big enough to eat, farmers take shortcuts by feeding them antibiotics. They could wiat for animals to heal, but they do not.

“Antibiotic resistance is becoming a bigger and bigger problem, both in kids and adults, so much so that some infections are becoming difficult, if not impossible to treat,” Dr. David Haslam.

The more someone is around something, the more comfortable they get with it. Therefore, kids eating antibiotics will make kids immune to these medicines. If kids get immune to medicines, researchers will make stronger and stronger ones.

If medicines get too strong for even sick kids, eventually the medicines will either makes kids even sicker or become lifelong prescriptions.

Last month, California passed a law banning antibiotics in healthy animals’ feed. They hope this will set a precedent for the rest of the country.

The FDA would have to pass a new regulation to ban these prescriptions. So far they have not made any moves. Currently, organic meat will have the least amount of antibiotics.

Source: Scientific American