B.o.B. took to his Twitter to air out his current frustrations with his label, Atlantic Records. According to the ATL emcee, he gets zero support from the label.

In series of tweets, he said, “There’s a ban on BoB,” adding, “They boycott me, they are afraid I’ll get too much exposure. When ppl say I’m ‘under-rated’ or ‘slept-on’ … it’s not entirely the case… ‘suppressed’ is a better word”

This isn’t the first time Atlantic has been blasted for not supporting their artists, Wacka Flocka recently went on a similar twitter rant, saying Atlantic is holding him back.

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He carried out his rant, sending out a huge thanks to fellow ATL rapper, T.I. and his fans for always showing their support. He wrote, “Thank God @Tip got my back and he still in my corner, #HustleGang #NoGenre. To every fan who has ever gave me a RT, a follow, or a like… thank you for spreading the word. You’ve done more promo than the label.”

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