After blessing our hearts and souls with songs like ‘Thinking out loud’ and Phototograph‘ the artist Ed Sheeran has just announced that he will be taking a break from social media. Read more after the jump to find out why!


Ed Sheeran truly knows how to write a love song and if we want more from him, we’re going to have to let him take a little break! Just today the singer took it to Facebook to announce to all his fans that he will be taking a break away from this thing that most of us spend all of our time on called, social media.

Ed says that the past 5 years have been amazing but he feels as if he’s been seeing the world through a screen and not his own two eyes. He says he wants to take this time to just travel and really see the world along with working on his music.

I dont blame ya Ed! I think everyone could use a break from social media every so often, there’s nothing wrong with that.

As for his third album, he tells his fans its coming! And its his best one yet! Leaving us all anxious for what to expect next fall, thats when Mr. Sheeran says he will return.

So although one of our fav artist will be taking some time off from the social world its okay, because we should be expecting some great music in the end!

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