That must hurt…this woman tried to smuggle over two pounds of cocaine inside of her breasts. She literally had someone open her up just to stuff coke in there and do the same to take them out once she arrived to the customer. Hit the jump.

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The NY Post reports a Colombian woman basically self-snitched at an airport in Frankfurt, Germany when she complained to authorities of extreme pain. A body search was conducted only for authorities to find fresh scars. She than admitted that she allowed another individual to insert 500-gram packages in her breasts during an “amateur surgery”. Yikes.

Spokesman Hans-Juergen Schmidt told reporters:

“This is the first case in Germany in which drugs have been smuggled in this fashion.”

He added that this is how drug dealers “are completely indifferent to human life and the life-threatening conditions of their drug carriers.”

The coke was valued at $220,000 and was headed for Spain. The Colombian woman is now facing jail time on drug-trafficking charges and is alot less richer and in alot more pain. Feel better.

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