Who can forget the epic showdown between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly way back in August that pretty much started the beef. Since then, words have been exchanged, one of them being Trump hinting that Kelly was on her period that night of the debate… Well, finally we’re getting a one-on-one interview.

Dilson Hernandez: Facebook | Instagram

The short, yet quite dramatic, promo video is for her first primetime special titled “Megyn Kelly Presents”. Within the promo was advertising of “the interview we’ve all been waiting for” Megyn Kelly vs. Donald Trump. Here’s a lil clip of them going at if you’re not aware.

“She called me. She said I’d like to see you. Now, if I was wrong, she wouldn’t have done that. And I respect her for doing it.”

Trump said to an audience. Trump did say he was going to act more presidential now and hasn’t said anything crazy lately so this couldn’t be all so bad. But the video did include him saying.

“I wasn’t so fond of you at the time, I will tell ya”

Still, it seems like theres no bad blood (non pun intended) between the two. They’re mostly likely going to have a grown-folk conversation and straighten things out. We’ll just have to see though.

The promo also includes interviews with OJ Simpson’s lawyer, Robert Shapiro, of the notorious case and, interestingly enough, transgender star Lavern Cox. A right wing republican interviewing a transgender celebrity? That ought to be interesting.