Some hopeful news from the White House today. President Obama is looking for $1.1 Billion in support for drug treatment in the U.S. He’s also looking to bring awareness to the youth, and what better way to do that than to reach out to a popular rapper who’s had a history with addiction himself, Macklemore.

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The $500 million already in place for drug addiction is just not enough according to President Obama. He mentions how deaths regarding drug overdose is increasing every year and how it surprisingly exceeded traffic accidents.

Macklemore, of course, has put his drug addiction history in his music and has talked about it openly, hoping that people who are buried deep in the addiction hole would listen.

He says in the video:

“I’m here with President Obama because I take this personally. If I hadn’t gotten the help I needed when I needed it, I might not be here today. And I want to help others facing the same challenges I did.”

Macklemore mentioned that before this video him and Obama had a “powerful conversation” about drug abuse. He says that conversation will be aired this summer via MTV. So we should definitely be on the look out for that.

Check out the inspiring video: