IFWT_New Apple store interior

Apple just revealed the latest version of their new storefront in San Francisco, giving us a glimpse of their vision of how they truly want their stores to look!

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In downtown San Francisco across the street from Union Square Park, Apple updated their store to their latest vision for their retail stores across the world. The new store opens this Saturday and it includes 42-foot tall sliding glass doors, that also serve as windows; a 6K video screen for a floor, and actual trees positioned in a line, which will be their new customer support area. The store will also have a backyard forum that will stay open 24 hours a day, and it has a 50-foot green wall, free Wi-Fi, and a restored fountain from San Francisco sculptor, Ruth Asawa.

The store changes made by Apple are mainly to emphasize the scale of their stores as well as display the lengths they’re willing to go to impress their consumers. Apple’s retail vice president, Angela Ahrendts, says their new store will set the standard for future Apple retail. The tech company wants there stores to become a hub for a community to gather. As Angela Ahrendts said,

“The store becomes one with the community.”

Essentially these building are designed to become one with the urban landscape, or environment overall – in addition to the community. The stores are supposed to be implementing a feature called ‘windows.’ These are visual displays designed to change along with the seasons, as well as depict interactive themes. More changes also extend to Apple’s Genius Bar, which will now become the Genius Grove because of all the trees.

Apple will also be implementing a board room, which will serve as a make-shift conference room for small businesses and startups to come in and receive advice from other entrepreneurs. The 6K screen on their floor will serve as the 24 hour forum. On the screen will be displayed creative sessions with local experts in visual arts, music, gaming, and other iOS topics. Apple music exclusives will also be displayed on the screen as well.

This new move by Apple is a big one. They’re really giving back to the community in a sense, and in a really productive way. Will you be ready for the arrival of these new Apple stores in your area?

Source: The Verge