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Scott Disick is pretty known for enjoying the finer things in life, hence why he refers to himself as ‘Lord Disick’. Has the outlandish lifestyle of the enjoying the finer things got him in trouble amongst the people surrounding him?

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Scott Disick was in Cannes last week when someone got into his Hidden Hills home and robbed his belongings from his famous watch collection.

Disick has openly spoken about his watch collection which includes: a Rolex Yacht- Master II valued at $32,000 and another watch value at $48,000.

There is no statement as to how many watches were taken, but law enforcements have shared with TMZ there were multiples worth a significant amount of money.

It is believed to be an inside job since there was no sign of forced entry, and Disick is known to have many people in his home which has been said to be even more suspicious as to his house being hit after he got on a plane for France.