Last fall, a woman by the name of Shanise Taylor sued Lil Wayne, his Trukfit clothing line, his record label and photographer Derick G, after her photo was used on shirts from the line.

Shanise said she never authorized her image to be used, as the pics are from a random, unrelated photo shoot she did for fun back in 2011. She also didn’t like how they photoshopped the image to make it appear as if she’s not wearing underwear, and the fact that she was “on apparel associated with misogyny and violence.” She demanded damages for “the harm to her reputation, mental anguish, humiliation and the harm it has caused her career.”

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Shanise appeared in court earlier this month, however, and changed her tune. She has now dismissed all claims against Lil Wayne, and both parties have agreed to pay their own attorney fees and costs in the case. She still plans on pursuing Trukfit, Universal and Derick G, however. Hmm, wonder what Weezy did behind the scenes!

Source: The Jasmine Brand