The Rock is known for his fitness but damn, 27 years without candy??? That has to be some type of record. Fallon brought this up and thought it would be a good idea to have a whole stack of candy options for him to try out. Check out the video after the jump

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You’d think the reasons for not having candy for so long would be health related but it turns out its not. The Rock says he’s not much a candy guy. In fact, the last bit of candy he ever had was Twizzlers at movie theaters in 1989.

Jimmy then tries to tempt him with a big ole’ phalic gummy worm, which of course The Rock had to play with while The Roots lay down some pimp-daddy music. Fallon then pulls out a Twizzlers and says “actually this looks more familiar” lmaooo (photos in the gallery).

They settle for some Pop Rocks and the rest is history: