One thing that many people have been critical over the Obama administration has been the use of drones and the amount of civilian lives lost from those strikes. People have always created a rough estimate but now the White House released an accurate amount.

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Wrapping up Obama’s last year in office, the White House releases the tallied-up drone-related deaths starting from his inauguration in ’09 to the end of 2015.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence gathered up the info (as shown in the gallery). According to the National Intelligence there were 473 strikes, 2372-2581 number of “combatant deaths”, and the number of civilian deaths ranges between 64-116.

One problem with this is that the information could be a little inaccurate. How exactly does one count the dead bodies from an explosion? It’s pretty much a guessing game (as it’s always been), thats why the numbers always range and is never definite.

Bill Roggio, Long War Journal editor who has tracked civilian deaths over the years said:

“They’re guessing, too. Theirs may be a little more educated than my guesses but they cannot be completely accurate.”