Leader Of ISIS In Afghanistan Was Killed By a US Drone Strike

Hafiz Sayed Khan, the leader of the ISIS branch in Afghanistan is said to have been killed last month, according to the pentagon.

ISIS Kills 61 Portestors In Afghanistan’s Capital Kabul

ISIS claims responsibility for yet another brutal attack in the Middle East. This time Hazara protestors demading rights was their target.

The Obama Administration Says About 116 Civilians Died From U.S. Airstrikes

One thing that many people have been critical over the Obama administration has been the use of drones and the amount of civilian lives lost from those strikes. People have always created a rough estimate but now the White House released an accurate amount.

US Helicopter Shot Down During Afghanistan Firefight; US Troops Trapped In The Middle

A group of United States Army troops and “a rescue helicopter flight crew,” according to Fox News, find themselves ducking for cover in Marjah, Afghanistan as the helicopter that held them was shot down into a compound. Hit the jump for more.

Evacuation For US Troops in Afghanistan Canceled

Obama announced today that the plan to evacuate US troops from Afghanistan will not happen. However, he projects that the number will fall to 5,000 from the current 9,800 in 2017. Meanwhile, sequestration (a fancy word for budget cuts) dictates that there will be less service men and women doing the same/larger jobs than exist now. This could make soldiers’ jobs even more dangerous. Hit the jump to learn more.

Wow! Men Throw Acid Into Girls’ Faces For Going To School?!

Men in Afghanistan threw acid into girls’ faces for going to school. Read more on the story after the jump!

Sports: Basketball Player Marshall Henderson Says He’d ‘Strap On a Bomb & Go to Afghanistan to Play’

It appears Marshall Henderson has said something that has him in hot water again.  Recently he got in trouble for tweeting he was boycotting SportsCenter until this “nasty ass sh*t is off”, referring to Michael Sam’s kiss with his boyfriend after being drafted.  Henderson later said the tweet was part of a research project for a friend but since classes were over nobody bought that excuse.  Now Henderson is at it again.

U.S Soldier Accused Of Killing Afghan Villagers Gets Life In Prison ?!?

A U.S Soldier accused of killing Afghan villagers during a “night time rampage” last year has been sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, Hit the jump for the full story!

Military Man Refuses To Deploy Why???

A 22 year old military man in Fort Hood, has refused to deploy, on account that “his conscience won’t let him kill” Read more after jump.

Talk Of Peace Negotiations Are In The Air Between U.S. And The Talibans!

If your personality is anything like mines, then you’d think that this was a set-up from a mile away! It may be on our part, it may be on their part, but this looks #SHADY! The Taliban are making efforts into coming to some sort of common ground with President Obama to end the war in their country. The group announced the opening of a political office in Qatar and said they were willing to talk. Just one year ago this same attempt at peace negotiations were denied by the Talibans stating that the U.S.’s attempt at negotiations were in bad faith. The war in Afghanistan has lasted for over a decade, and for some, there seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Hit the jump to see what Obama had to say about all this.

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