Hafiz Sayed Khan, the leader of the ISIS branch in Afghanistan is said to have been killed last month, according to the pentagon.

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Hafiz Sayed Khan was a military commander in the Taliban in Pakistan (The TTP) before he left in 2014 to join ISIS.

This comes to no surprise considering that last month extremist group organized a suicide bombing that took the lives of 81 and injured 230. After that horrendous attack, plans were made to take down ISIS control in Afghanistan.

2 days later on July 25th, 122 ISIS fighters and another top leader was killed by Afghan troops. A day after that the US sent in their drones and the rest is history. Afghan Ambassador Omar Zakhilwal said:

“I can confirm that ISIS Khurasan leader Hafiz Saeed Khan along with his senior commanders and fighters died in a U.S. drone strike on July 26 in Kot district of Afghanistan’s Nangharhar province.”