You can make a song about anything nowadays lol This is real talent right here.

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Song: Perils

Artist: Old Man Saxon

Most of what Old Man Saxon talked about was living alone in his car. Homeboy was clearly depressed. Ironic, because his voice had a Earl Sweatshirt type of tone and vibe (like his, “I don’t like shit…” album). The beat was interesting, acoustic vibe with a very laid back sax driving the song forward.

The song wasn’t all too bad. I thought it was going to be more funny than anything else, like a Lil Dicky song or something like that. But Saxon was trying to relay a message to people because, apparently he was actually homeless in 2014.

He lived in his 2001 Ford Explorer and ate McDonald’s Happy Meals twice a day. He made the song and EP while he was homeless and it’s overall theme is basically to raise awareness of homelessness.

Check it out: