So as we all know The Game and Meek Mill are currently beefing. The beef between the Game and Meek comes from the Game alleging that Meek snitched to the police about a situation. Both camps have taken shots at each other via social media and with that kind of warfare comes meme’s. The Game’s manager Wack100 put up a meme yesterday of meek mill portrayed as a rat, literally. Well this morning the meme was removed by the IG police. Wack put up a screenshot of the message he received from Instagram. In the caption he says: “Guess n**gas is still snitching !!!!! We all know what post I’m talking about ….” Peep the screen shot as well as the Rat Meek Meme that was removed in the gallery after the jump.

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This is honestly too funny. The Game’s manager Wack 100 put up a meme of Meek Mill as a Rat and this morning the post was removed by the IG police. The post was reportedly removed because it did not “Follow community rules”. This usually happens whenever someone snitches reports on a post for being malicious or inappropriate. You don’t have to think too hard to see who Wack believes snitched filed a report about the post. In all seriousness though this beef has been entertaining and hasnt gone further than wax. Hopefully it stays this way and the safety of no individual is jeopardized.

Souce: Wack100