It appears that fans are going to have to wait even longer for the next season of Gabrielle Union’s hit show Being Mary Jane. Gabrielle just filed a lawsuit against the show’s network, BET, claiming they’re trying to get her to do two seasons for the price of one.

Gabrielle says that network execs promised her multiple times that there would never be more than 13 episodes in a season. Her contract also states that she gets a pay raise from $150k per episode to $165k per episode in Season 5. Instead, BET is reportedly trying to cram 20 episodes into season 4 and spacing them out, instead of making it two seasons!

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Unfortunately, Gabrielle’s contract allows for a maximum of 26 episodes per season. However, she says that was merely a standard clause of all Viacom contracts, and again, they told her otherwise.

Gabrielle is suing BET for breach of her contract, and seeking more than $1 million in damages. She also wants her contract amended immediately to reflect the oral agreement of 13 max episodes.

Source: TMZ