Soon as news hit that there was exuberant amount of unreleased Prince music in the vault, you know the moguls started thinking of numbers. Jay-Z is reportedly one of the first in line to offer a big amount to buy the late legend’s catalogue.

Frankie Zing

According to TMZ, Jay met with Prince’s sister, Tyka, and her husband, Maurice Phillips, several weeks ago, flying out Tyka and Maurice to NYC to meet with him. Although he offered them around $40 mil, the number is not officially confirmed. One wrench got thrown into the deal though.

Tyka may be Prince’s only full sibling, so she has to get sign-off from all the brothers and sisters, in addition to the trust that is managing the estate.

If Jay gets these streaming rights…you might see Tidal wayyyy up for awhile. But there a lot of competitors with a lot of money.