Prince’s Estate Declines Jay-Z’s $40 Million Offer And Says Hov Owes Them Money!

Wow…that’s something I didn’t expect to write lol. Hov has been in talks to purchase unreleased Prince music for a reported $40 million for his streaming service Tidal, but Prince’s estate has declined that offer and actually says Hov owes them some royalties.

Jay-Z Bidding Reported $40 Million To Buy Unreleased Prince Music

Soon as news hit that there was exuberant amount of unreleased Prince music in the vault, you know the moguls started thinking of numbers. Jay-Z is reportedly one of the first in line to offer a big amount to buy the late legend’s catalogue.

T-Boz & Chili Getting Pulled Into Pebbles’ $40 Million Dollar Movie Lawsuit

UH-OH! T-Boz and Chili really aren’t trying to get into this with Pebbles, but she is just really relentless with this lawsuit she’s filing over the TLC movie. So, for the way CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story portrayed Pebbles [their former manager], the group has been slapped with subpeonas in the legal battle against Viacom.

Boss Moves: Diddy Drops $40MiL On A Holmby Hills Villa!!!

With the assistance of realtor, Kurt Rappaport, Diddy was able to find his dream Holmby Hills – California, of course – home. Check out the deets down bottom.

NFL: Unbelievable! Fan Is Suing The Seattle Seahawks For $40 Million! You Have To See Why

I sware there are some people in this country who will look for anyway to try and bring a lawsuit, no matter how ridiculous it seems. An NFL fan is bringing a $40 million dollar lawsuit against the Seahawks because he wasn’t able to attend the playoff game between them and the San Francisco 49ers. Someone please tell me how that translates into $40 million?? Check out what this joke of a guy said about not being allowed to attend.

(PHOTO) Boxing: Here’s What Floyd Mayweather’s $40 Million Check Looks Like

Money Mayweather livin’ up to his name. A check is a check right?!  Normally I’d agree with you, but I mean who’s seen a $40 MILLION dollar check?!  Definitley not me. Mayweather earned a guaranteed purse of $41.5 million — that’s just PART of the money he’s making for this fight (that PPV # is going to be crazy).  Check it out…

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