ifwt_Prince MM

Wow…that’s something I didn’t expect to write lol. Hov has been in talks to purchase unreleased Prince music for a reported $40 million for his streaming service Tidal, but Prince’s estate has declined that offer and actually says Hov owes them some royalties.

Frankie Zing

The late legendary singer’s estate fired an open letter towards Jay-Z and Tidal saying they have no interest in “Roc Nation exploit any of the intellectual property assets of the Estate.”

The estate claims when Tidal made Prince’s 15 albums available to stream after his death, it violated Prince’s contract with the streaming service, which they say was only for his final album, HitNRun Phase One.

Also, they claim Tidal never paid the $750,000 Prince was owed for his 2015 album’s streaming rights. Looks like we’re going to court!