Music is such a form of therapy, listening to it or creating it, and Ye is back on that medication.

Frankie Zing

TMZ reports that sources close to Kanye reveal he’s home and the creativity is flowing again, as he is more relaxed and focused. He’s also built a new temporary studio in he and Kim’s Bel-Air mansion, allowing him privacy to recover and create.

The sources also reveal that Ye has been comparing his mental break and 8-day hospital stay to times like his almost fatal car crash and his mother’s passing. That’s when some of his best work emerged including “Through The Wire” and 808s and Heartbreaks.

Kanye initially started to “break down” when he stopped taking his prescribed meds for psychological issues. He’s now got that under his control again and this breakdown could turn into a breakthrough with who knows what next work he’ll bring to the game!