By now, you’re all familiar with Funk Flex and Drake’s “beef.” It stems from the Meek Mill fiasco, when Flex opted to ride for Meek, upset over the ghostwriting allegations and not rocking with someone faking the funk (pun intended) in hip-hop.

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It’s been on ever since, and has resulted in shots from both parties over the last year and a half. With news of Jennifer Lopez and Drake’s new romance, however, Flex took the mature route and gave props where they’re due. Taking to Instagram with the photo that both Drake and J. Lo posted, Flex wrote:

Fellas let’s take time out to recognize that this is a major win right here!!! So super clean!!!!!! #Jlo top 5 at any age!!!! ( We don’t hate… as you Weirdos and Super Stans would like to think ) I just call it at I see it!!!!!!

Unfortunately, that didn’t last long at all. Perhaps after thinking about it for the day – and realizing the “coincidence” that Drake posted this photo on the anniversary of the infamous club shooting that Diddy and Shyne were involved in that caught Jennifer up – Flex had a change of heart.

Flex and Diddy have been very close for decades, and don’t forget – Diddy and Drake had an altercation in Miami a couple of years back, and haven’t really been right ever since. Could this all be the “revenge” Drake rapped about? Flex seems to think so, and he’s not feeling it at ALL. Check out what he said on Twitter below.

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