(Video) Lil Wayne – Weezy Wednesdays [Episode 21: Total Slaughter Battle Review]

Weezy Wednesdays episode 21

Lil Wayne ventured into talk of battle rap for his latest webisode of Weezy Wednesdays, inspired by this past weekend’s ‘Total Slaughter’ battle. Though he has yet to watch and doesn’t know the outcome of their battle, Tune shared his excitement over Murda Mook and Loaded Lux getting back in the ring, but made sure he let the world know he’s still Team Jae Millz…since Mook and Millz had quite the battle back in the early 00’s on Smack DVD. You’ve gotta ride with the home team! He also gave a shout out to Joe Budden, of whom he’s aware lost to Hollow Da Don, but couldn’t comment too much on it because again, he’s yet to see the battle. Tune added that he feels there’s no real loss in battle, particularly with an established artist like Joe, because he looks at it as a sport, and if you can still craft dope music, you’ll never lose. Do you agree? Listen to his logic in episode 21 of “Weezy Wednesdays” below and let us know your thoughts!

Battle Rap: Watch The Four “Total Slaughter” Battles!!


Over the weekend the “Total Slaughter” event went down. If you didn’t pay the fee then you can check out the battles here. Watch the battles betwen Mook, Loaded Lux, Big T, Arsonal, T Rex, Daylyt, Joe Budden and Hollow below.

Joe Budden Speaks On Losing #TotalSlaughter Battle Against Hollow Da Don

Joe Budden vs Hollow Da Don

On Saturday night, Joe Budden made a huge move as an established artist stepping into the battle world and going against Hollow Da Don for “Total Slaughter.” Though his bars were CRAZY and he arguably bested Hollow 2-1, he kind of gave the W away when he put his mic down in the third round because he didn’t want to rap over the crowd’s boo’s. Many said Joey was putting his career on the line in this battle, but he seems pretty at peace with the outcome. Check out what he’s saying on Twitter in the gallery! What did you think of the event?

Battle Rap: ‘Total Slaughter: Bright Lights’ Documentary


The “Total Slaughter” main event has been one of the most talked about battles ever. July 12th its officially going down. The 25 minute documentary shows Joe Budden, Hollow Da Don, Loaded Lux and Murda Mook as they prepare for battle. Watch the documentary below.

(Video) Joe Budden & Hollow Da Don Talk “Total Slaughter” On Hot 97


“Total Slaughter” will be going down July 12th in NYC. Joe Budden and Hollow Da Don will be the main event. Both the rappers stopped by Hot 97 to chop it up with Ebro in the morning about the upcoming battle and more. Watch below.

Battle Rap: Road To Total Slaughter Ep. 4


Remember July 12th TOTAL SLAUGHTER Will be going doing live from the Hammerstein Ballroom. this time we get episode 4 of “Road To Total Slaughter.” In this episode T-Rex and Big T go at it. Also Daylyt and Dizaster battle. Watch below.

Battle Rap: Road To Total Slaughter Ep. 3


July 12 is coming close and with that we get episode 3 of Eminem’s “road To Total Slaughter.” In This episode we get to the final four and see Aye Verb versus Big T. We also get to see Marv Won versus T-Rex. Watch below to find out who got the best of their opponent.

Battle Rap: Dizaster vs. Math Hoffa


I’m sure you’ve seen the fight between Dizaster and Math Hoffa. Now we get the whole battle between Dizaster and Math Hoffa. Watch below.

Battle Rap: Aye Verb vs. Goodz


SMACK/ URL drop another match from one of their event NOME IV, This battle is between Goodz representing the Bronx, NY and Aye Verb representing St. Louis, MO. Watch below.

Battle Rap: Road To Total Slaughter Ep. 2


There are two more episode of “Road To Total Slaughter.” In this episode we get Dizaster vs Math (before the drama) and Daylyt vs. arsenal. Watch the episode below and check out episode one.

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