Woman Dies On Roller Coaster At Six Flags!!

Woman dies while riding Six Flags roller coaster

In Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, a woman fell to her death while riding a roller coaster. The Coaster, known as the Texas Giant is billed as the tallest steel-hybrid coaster in the world. The Texas Giant first opened in 1990 as an all-wooden coaster but underwent a $10 million renovation in 2010 to install steel-hybrid rails before reopening in 2011. Hit the jump for more details.

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These Two Cartoon Rivals Will Cross Paths In 2014!!

Homer Simpsons and Peter Griffin will debate beer in an October 2014 episode of 'Family Guy,' FOX confirmed.

History in the making, here. The Simpsons are now teaming up with longtime rival Family Guy. Fox confirmed the crossover episode with the New York Daily News. The episode will technically belong to Family Guy and be titled “The Simpsons Guy.” Despite, technically, being a Family Guy Episode, the story will be based Springfield, USA, giving the Simpsons home court advantage.

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Zimmerman Lawyer Said What Of Obama’s Speech on Trayvon Martin??


There seems to be a mixed review of how to take the speech in which President Obama spoke about the impact of the death of Trayvon Martin in the African American community. The last person you would think to agree with him is Zimmerman’s Lawyer, Mark O Mara. Read more after jump

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NY Firefighter Does What For Money???


Now I’ve heard it all. A New York Firefighter with no morals, puts out fake 911 calls, in order to steal from fellow fire fighters. Read more after jump

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(Video) No Malice Announces The “New” Release Date For ‘Hear Ye Him’


There’s been some confusion about No Malice’s new album “Hear Ye Him”, originally it was supposed to be released July 2nd but now, his album will be available August 31st. Hit the jump for more!

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EVENT: Why Throw Fists When You Can Throw Tomatoes??


Tri-State area, incase you’re trying to live out your child hood dreams of partaking in a massive food fight ( without any penalties) this is where you want to be tomorrow! Read more after jump

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(Photos) Peep This: Map Show’s Location Of Every McDonalds In The World !!!


Mc Donald’s is on the move again, and this time they’re on the map! Hit the jump for the full story!

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(Photos) Some People Have Yachts, But Russian President Vladimir Putin Has THIS!!!


Recently Russian President Vladimir Putin has made news for his handling of The Snowden situation. However, earlier this week, he was spotted taking a red submersible to dive and examine the wreck of a 19th century frigate. How cool is that? Check it out after the jump.

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Check Out What THIS Historic Comedian Had To Say About George Zimmerman’s Acquittal!!


Bill Cosby has now spoken…again. Known to relay his perspective on the nation’s current events, The Cos has now spoken out about the acquittal of George Zimmerman. Calling in to online-radio show, ‘DomNnate Radio Show,’ Cosby made his thoughts about the prosecution, State of Florida, guns, and even his views about our nation’s journalists quite clear. Check it out after the jump.

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Kanye West Sends Paparazzi To ER?


Kanye is back at it again, Ye’ seems to be running his luck with Paparazzi lately, or maybe it’s the other way around. Mr. West got into another scuffle with the media, this time causing injuries big enough for medical assistance to be called. Read more after jump

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