Madonna Caught Partying With Ryan Leslie And Fabolous!?


I never would have guessed! The over 50 pop-star was seen partying with Fabolous and many others backstage at Ryan Leslie’s NYC Irving Plaza show. Interesting right? Hit the jump for more details.

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(Photos) Aww Damn!!! 2 Dudes, 1 Girl, & A Knife, NOT A Good Mix!!!”


Making friends in jail never really seems like an ideal thing to do. Having a threesome with a friend you met while in prison will probably end the very same way this story does…. with a mugshot. Two prison pals learned their lesson the hard way. Find out how this crazy story went down after the jump.

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Guess Who Wants To Name A Congressional Bill After Hadiya Pendleton?!?!


You’ll never guess who’s thinking of creating a proposed law using Hadiya Pendleton’s Name! Hit the jump for more!

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Mary J. Blidge Got A Wake-Up Call From Whitney Houston?!?!


How did the late Whitney Houston help Mary J. Blidge, but more importantly with what? Hit the jump for more.

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(Photos) 5 Black Influential Women In Business !!!


Take a look a some of The Most Influential Black Women in Business. Hit the jump for more!

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Sega Releases Retro Laptops



The days of Sega being apart of the console world maybe over, but the company is trying to keep themselve alive with new braded laptops. The laptops are available  through online retailer ebten. Each laptop has their own branded theme though the Sega timeline, customers have the option of the Dreamcast, Sega Drive , Sega Saturn and Sega System or as the site has them listed  Light, Standard, High Spec, and Premium. The price range for the branded laptop go from $1000 to $2000.  At the moment the laptops are only available to Japan hopfully they can make their way State side soon. Check them out after the break


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This Can’t Be Good!!! Phylicia Rashad Calls Kris Jenner A What?!?!


America’s favorite mother Phylicia Rashad had some words for Kriss Jenner, and she even called her a… hit the jump for more!

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(Photos) Top 10 Black Television Shows !!!

The Jeffersons

According to TV one, these are the top Black Television Shows in the history of black television. Hit the jump to see if some of your favorites made the list!

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The Countries Student Debt Is How Much?! But Does Obama Have A Plan?!?!


We’ve all probably had an idea that the student amount was up there, but who would of knew it was that high? And What does Obama plan to do about it? Hit the jump for more!

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Stevie Wonder Is Offended By Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne and Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder is disappointed with Lil’ Wayne’s featured verse on Future’s track entitled, Karate Chop. More details after the jump.

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