(Video) A Healthy Dose Of Truth: Chris Hayes Talks About Problems In The “White Community”


This is a must watch! Chris Hayes uses a creative method of showing how unfairly media depicts the “black community” when choosing what to report, and even more so when choosing how to report it. He touches on sensitive topics like why “White On White Crime” (which does exist), is something we barely ever hear about in the news; yet, “Black On Black Crime” is reported daily and the term has become a common and familiar phrase. This coming after the coverage and scrutiny of African Americans displaying justifiably outrage; and lack thereof in regards to White American’s who riot for illegitimate reasons. Watch the full video for yourself!

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(Video) Anything For The Votes! Jeb Bush Wants To Take Pitbull Out To A Baseball Game

Jeb Bush Speaks At The Reagan Library About His New Book

Florida Republicans love Pitbull! Florida Governor Rick Scott recently named January 15th, Pitbull Day, and gave him the keys to Miami. “Mr. Worldwide” lives up to his name, and has done a good job of making music that can be enjoyed by a wide range of demographics. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Presidential candidate, and former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush told TMZ that he’d want to take Pitbull to a baseball game.

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(Photos+Video) Joseph Kent “Kidnapped By Police” On Live TV


Joseph Kent a known protester from the Ferguson protests was grabbed by police on live television last night in Baltimore. Read more to see the disturbing video and huge social media reaction

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(Photo) B-More Riots: David Banner Keeping It All The Way 100 on Twitter, Says He’s Proud Of The Youth!


David Banner, a well known activist in the Hip Hop community, hasn’t been holding any punches in regards to the riots in Baltimore! He’s been tweeting his opinion; and it looks like he agrees with the tactics performed by the youth and united gangs in the area. CNN has been covering the story, constantly reminding us that people are looting, and Banner doesn’t approve of the way the story is being told! Check out the tweets after the Jump!

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(Photos) Meek Mill Speaks Out About Baltimore & Responds To Donald Trump’s Ignorant Statement

Meek Mill

Meek Mill is no stranger to issues with the police. At 27-years-old, he’s already had his run-ins with the law and seen the inside of a jail cell more than once, so he knows first hand just how bad things can get. As the world watches the tragic events going on in Baltimore right now, the Philly native took to Twitter to share a few words – particularly in response to Donald Trump’s ignorant tweets.

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Update: (Photo)Charles Gladden Works At The U.S. Capitol But He’s Homeless! Boyz II Member Helps Out!

IFWT_Charles Gladden

Update: So, Nathan Morris of Boyz II Men either heard or read about Charles Gladden’s dilemma which we previously covered here on #IFWT; and helped him out by starting a “Go Fund Me” account to raise $20,000! Morris even put the first $10,000 in with a donation from Boyz II Men House. The 63 year old man was working full time at the U.S. Capitol for 8 years but he was still homeless, and had 3 toes amputated due to his diabetes. The Boyz II Men co-founder said he was touched by the man’s story. The original story can be read below.

Charles Gladden is a 63 year old man who sleeps on a sidewalk next to D.C.’s McPherson Square Metro Station. Unlike most homeless people, he actually has a job; and of all places, it’s at the U.S. Capital building! Ok, he only works in the cafeteria, but you’d still think he’d make enough to have a dwelling of his own! According to Gladden, he makes $11 an hour, which isn’t enough for him to take care of his children, grandchildren and himself. It’s hard out here in these streets!

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(Video) 19 Year-Old Rand Paul Supporter Attacked For Being a Black Republican


It was 4 little words that turned 19 year old, Zuri Davis’s world upside down…”I STAND WITH RAND”. The young lady who exclusively identifies herself as a republican has been attacked online for supporting The Republican Party all because she is Black.

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(Video) Baltimore Protesters Replace American Flags at City Hall

Baltimore Protests Change Flags

Black Lives Have Always Mattered: The atmosphere in Maryland’s hot-bed city has not slowed, soured or stagnated “by any means.” State troopers are walking the streets and the rallies are still on as Baltimore Protesters Replace American Flags at City Hall in continued response to #FreddieGray.

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(Photo) U.S. Government Plans For A New Hostage Strategy After Drone Killings


The shocking heartbreaking news about 2 hostages that were killed by a U.S drone during a counter-terrorism operation has sparked tons of controversy in the last 36 hours or so. Its sad that they were being held captive by terrorist but what stings even more is the fact that they died from a bombing that came straight from the U.S Government. It was “bad intelligence” a government official stated yesterday but good or bad the people want answers. So the government has plans for a new hostage strategy

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(Photos) Government Waste Amid Water Drought



California is battling one of the most severe water droughts in American history. Therefore, Governor Edmund Brown declared a state of Drought Emergency in January 2015. State officials were directed to take all necessary actions to prepare for water shortages, which includes curtailing California residents’ usage. But, the same government that is restricting water use throughout the state, is the same group culpable of wrongdoings.

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