(Video) Senator Cory Booker Speaks On Twitter Haters, Healthcare & More With Angie Martinez

Cory Booker on The Angie Martinez Show

Last week, New Jersey’s own Cory Booker stopped by Angie Martinez’s show on Hot 97 to help get the word out about healthcare and doing your taxes. After getting the important stuff out of the way, the former mayor of Newark-turned Senator discussed playing catch with Obama, addressed his Twitter haters and more. Check out the full interview below.

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Happy International Women’s Day!


“Who runs the world? Girls!” Today is International Women’s Day. Each year International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8. This year’s theme for InternationalWomensDay.com is “Inspiring Change.”

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(Video) Obama Warning Putin There Will Be Costs For Russian Military Intentions In Ukraine

Putin brushes off obama's warnings

Mr. Obama warning is unspecified to Russia. American officials uncertainty about Vladimir Putin only deepens now. President Vladimir Putin got permission from Russia’s parliament to use military force in Ukraine. The Russia Parliament also intends to ask Putin to recall the Moscow ambassador from the United States.

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No Punishment For Banks Opening Accounts For Marijuana Businesses?


Legitimate marijuana businesses can access the country’s banking system. Guidelines intended to make banks feel at ease about opening accounts for or granting loans to marijuana businesses were provided by the Treasury Department and the Justice Department. The guidelines should justify how banks can provide services and still comply with the law.

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(Photos) Khloe Kardashian & The Game Spotted Out Together?

Khloe Kardashian spotted out with the Game?

Is Khloe Kardahian and The Game in a swirly romance? The two were spotted at a charity event in Studio City, California. To read more, click below.

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Obama Is Urging Congress Into Raising The Minimum Wage!


More than four years after the official end of the Great Recession, pay for America’s workers remains stagnant while the cost of living continues to rise.

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Check Out The First African-American U.S. Navy Officers


Here’s an interesting fact for Black History Month. In February 1944, the Navy commissioned its first African-American officers. This long-hoped-for action represented a major step forward in the status of African-Americans in the Navy and in American society. The twelve commissioned officers, and a warrant officer who received his rank at the same time, came to be known as the “Golden Thirteen.”

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(Photos) This Would Definitely Be Worse Than NSA Spying!!

Customs and Border Protection announced the latest addition to i

We all hear about unmanned drone strikes in war torn countries, safe because troops don’t have to go in, and US lives aren’t lost(although lives, and a lot of the time innocent lives, ARE lost), but what if Drones were in the US, patrolling us, would we still be ‘safe’?!

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America Stuck In The Middle


U.S. could be drawn into a conflict between Japan and China over disputed islands in the East China Sea. Tensions have increased between the two Asian powers. The United States’ top diplomat said this week that the US will not walk away from Japan as tensions worsen in the Far East.

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Voluntary Labeling Of GMO Foods


The Coalition for Safe Affordable Food say they plan for a national standard that would allow manufacturers to voluntarily label food and beverage products made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The Center for Food Safety says over 30 states are expected to introduce GMO labeling laws during the 2014 legislative session.

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