Obama Holds Town Hall Meeting To Discuss Gun Control Laws


With the recent events of mass shootings and terrorist attacks, Obama has expressed how much he believes there should be stricter gun laws. He has scheduled a town hall meeting in D.C. where he will address his attempt to make gun laws tighter in the United States.

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(Video) Donald Trump Used By Terrorist To Recruit Members


It was once reported as false that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s comments on muslims were being used to lure people into being apart of terrorism. They had no proof as to whether that was true or not. Well now we know that there is proof showing that this is whats going on.

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(Videos) People Show Their Support For Bernie Sanders By Taking Shots Of Hot Sauce


These challenges get dumber and dumber. From the Cinnamon challenge to the Kylie Jenner challenge, where teens were sticking their lips inside of a bottle to get lips like Kylie Jenner. With these challenges, we’ve seen it all. Well atleast we thought.

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(Video) Jerry Seinfeld & President Obama Talk Politics Over Coffee

ifwt_Obama x Seinfeld

In season 7’s premiere of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, the legendary comic connects with our beloved President, Barack Obama.

While rolling in a sick 1963 Corvette, the duo talk fame vs. anonymity, underwear, football as a metaphor for politics, insane world leaders and more. Check it out below.

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Tyrese Addresses Donald Trump & The Muslim Community


R&B crooner Tyrese is completely not here for Donald Trump nor his insensitive comments towards the Muslim community. He is never one to bite his tongue on how he feels, and this is yet another example of Tyrese voicing his opinion.

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(Video) C-Span Caller To Republican Politician: “Can I Sh–t In Your Mouth?”


The other night things got pretty weird on live TV. David Brat, Republican congressman was put in a awkward position during a interview conducted by C-SPAN’s Washington Journal.

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Mac Miller Pleads With People Not To Elect Trump

ifwt_Mac-Miller MAIN

Mac Miller may have a song named after Donald Trump (that eventually caused some friction between the pair,) but by no means does he want to endorse him. In fact, he’s urging others not to vote for him, and he’s using his large platform to do so.

Taking to Twitter last night, Mac opened the floor to a #BlackLivesMatter convo, hoping to starting having the conversations about race that need to be had.

“Dear White People who listen to rap music… What have you done for the #BlackLivesMatter movement,” he asked. “Just don’t forget about the ridiculously large amount of humans who are down to have Donald Trump be present. There is work to do.”

He later ended the series of tweets with “Just do you man. Just please don’t elect this motherf***er man.” Check out the full convo in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

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Black Donald Trump Supporters Reveal Their Reasoning For Backing Up The Republican Candidate


With the stupidity that spills out of Donald Trump’s mouth on a regular, most have assumed that the Republican presidential candidate has not supporters of color; but that’s not the case. Two Black women, Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, have spoken out on their reasons for having Trump’s backside.

“He wants to secure our borders to keep America and the American people safe,” says the ladies. “He wants to bring back our good jobs where people are thriving again and he wants to make America Greater and stronger where our country is reverenced again.”

Find out more down bottom.

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(Video) Killer Mike & Bernie Sanders Have A Sit-Down About Politics, Social Justice & More!

Bernie Sanders x Killer Mike

If you’re into both politics and rap music, the new-found love between Killer Mike and Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is something to thoroughly enjoy.

The two have been hanging out a lot lately and grabbing lunch to discuss politics (obviously), social justice, race, police brutality, gun control, health care, Donald Trump and much more. It seems like the Run The Jewels rapper is Sanders biggest fan and we absolutely love it!

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Donald Trump Plans To Win 100% Of The Black Vote; How Sway?!


After making disgusting remarks about different ethnic groups that call the U.S. home, Trump and his camp have decided that the Black vote is most important since no minority other group will support him. In making this information public, the coordinator of the “minority outreach” sector of his organization is off to a terrible start when he didn’t hesitate to insult the Hispanic community ONCE AGAIN.

Read what he had to say after the jump!

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