(Photo) Which States Just Legalized Marijuana?!

IFWT_Marijuana legalization 1

Voters in Alaska, Oregon and Washington D.C took to the polls and are now in the process of bringing more pro marijuana laws to their state. There are some restrictions, but marijuana supporters are calling this a victory.

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Walmart Takes Social Media Hit With Racist Costume

IFWT_Walmart Racist Halloween

Walmart is at it again….. recently the super store giant was in the media for their alleged “fat girl” section of costumes. See what new Halloween scandal arises with them.

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(Video) Jeezy Making A Run For Mayor!?


Young Jeezy wants to take a stab at politics. The Atlanta based rapper sat down for an interview with VladTV and expressed his true feelings about seriously running for office. Jeezy has always been a man of the people, maybe now he can make a difference from behind a desk and instead a mic.

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(Photos) Breaking Bad’s Jesse Goes In On ToyRUs; President Obama Responds?

IFWT_Jesse-Breaking Bad

This is a bit weird. The other day, Aaron Paul aka Jesse from “Breaking Bad” heard about a situation at ToysRUs where toys(figurines) from the show got pulled and decided to tweet about it.

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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Michelle & Barrack Obama Celebrate 22 Years Of Marriage


AWWW the First Lady and the President celebrate their 22nd year of marriage – that’s definitely worth some applause!

It’s beautiful to see a couple last so long now-a-days, and especially an African American couple that [might I add] is heading up the whole country.

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Democrats Fear Michelle Obama’s Last Name Might Stir Up Trouble For Campaigning

IFWT_Michelle Obama

Uplifting crowds, encouraging women, and increasing the turnout among African-American voters — yes Mrs. Obama can do it!

And even though that’s all good, it does seem a bit strange that Michelle Obama has been somewhat absent from the campaign trail as the tallies get closer for which party will have control of the Senate.

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(Video) Obama Says U.S. Intelligence Community Underestimated ISIS Threats


President Barack Obama spoke at the Global Health Security Agenda Summit on Sept. 26 in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on the White House complex in Washington. He admitted that the U.S. intelligence community underestimated the threats from ISIS that have emerged from the Syrian civil war. Hit the jump for more!

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(Video) Ty Dolla $ign Talks Current Affairs: Police Brutality, Domestic Violence & More

Ty Dolla $ign

Bossip caught up with Ty Dolla $ign on the red green carpet at the 2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards on Saturday, and got his take on some major things going on in the world right now. From police brutality with the Ferguson tragedy to domestic violence with the Ray Rice debacle, the $ign Language singer offers his take on it all, while also speaking on touring, the BET cyphers (which he was a part of with his Taylor Gang crew) and more. Oh, and he has some sweet words for any haters or critics: “F*ck you. Stop hating. S#ck it.” Gotta love Ty!

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(Video) Emma Watson Gives Emotional And Powerful Speech At U.N. Event About Gender Equality


The actress and newly-appointed U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson delivered a serious speech at the United Nations headquarters on Saturday to help launch the HeForShe gender equality campaign.

The event, which aims to “mobilize men against gender inequalities,” was hosted by Wolf Blitzer. Many famous names attended, such as 24 star Kiefer Sutherland and Oscar winner Forest Whitaker. Watson was commended by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for giving such a powerful speech.

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(Photo) New York Senator Liz Krueger To Introduce Bill To Legalize Recreational Use Of Marijuana!

Liz Krueger To Introduce Bill To Legalize Recreational Use Of Marijuana

LET THERE BE GREEN FOR EVERYONE! New York Senator Liz Krueger is taking one great leap for all the stoners out there. It was announced Sunday that Senator Liz Krueger is going to introduce a bill that is supposed to legalize recreational use of Marijuana in the State of New York.
More details after the jump!

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