(Photos) Californians Call To Secede From The US With #Calexit Trending

This is nuts…and I really hope this isn’t just the beginning of what’s to come today. But the people of California, who house the biggest chunk of electoral votes with 55 and who supported the hell out of Hillary Clinton, want to secede, or not be part of the United States any more with Trump taking over the presidency.

President Obama Calls Donald Trump To Congratulate Him And Invite Him To The White House

President Obama has called both candidates and congratulated them on their campaigns, the victor Donald Trump receiving an invitation to the White House.

(Videos) Donald Trump Becomes President Elect Of The United States Of America

It really happened.

(Video) Jay Z and Beyonce Bring Out Hillary Clinton at Concert

Super powerful and influential individuals usually keep their political stances private due to undisclosed reasons. Not this time when arguably two of the most influential people in our culture, power couple Jay Z and Beyonce, brought out presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to their Concert in Cleveland.

(Video) President Obama Returns For More Mean Tweets/Takes Shot At Donald Trump

Can we even say that? The president takes a “shot” at somebody ?

(Video) President Obama & Usher Dance To Drake’s “Hotline Bling”

President Obama and Usher dance along to Drake’s “Hotline Bling”…this is something I never though I would see the POTUS do after declaring his love for Kendrick over Drake!

(Video) Man Dies After Saying He’d Rather Die Than Watch The Presidential Debate

A man once said “I’d rather die than watch the Presidential Debate”. You know what happened to that man? He passed away sadly.

YG’s Song “Meet The Flockers” Being Petitioned To Be Banned By The White House

YG’s 2014 album My Krazy Life which houses the song “Meet The Flockers” is now in 2016 receiving flack because of a particular lyric he aimed at Asian-Americans.

(Videos) President Obama Responds To Accusations That He’s A Demon

Radio host Alex Jones from infowars.com believes that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are demons after all of the evil that has been going on in our country. He says the President smells like sulfur and always has flies landing on him, in doors, when no one else does. To defend that statement, at the second presidential debate the other night two flies landed on Hillary on live tv. See what Alex Jones had to say as well as President Obama’s response.

(Video) Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton Is The Devil; Threatens To Put Her In Jail If He Wins

During last night’s fast and furious debate, in case you missed it, this is one of the “highlights” from the night. Donald referred to her as the devil and says if he win’s the presidency he’s going to have a special prosecutor look into her case because there’s never been someone running for office with so many lies and so much deception.

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