(Video) Kanye West Goes Off On Who?!

Kanye at Philly's Hot 107.9

Kanye West hit up Philly’s Hot 107.9 when he was in town for his Yeezus tour on Saturday, and spoke with the ladies of the morning show about President Obama’s “jackass” comment. True to Yeezy fashion, he had some words for our nation’s leader.

“I don’t care if you’re the president, I bring joy to people,” he told hosts Shamara and Layla. He then goes on to explain why he won’t be talking about that guy in the White House anymore, adding that Obama better not talk about Kim Kardashian either. “He shouldn’t mention my baby mama name, ’cause we both from Chicago.” Is that a threat, Yeezy? He’s so crazy. Watch the whole rant below.

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Congratulations! Bill De Blasio Has Been Elected As New York’s Official Mayor!


New Yorkers hit the voting booths all over the five boroughs and have elected their new mayor, Democratic nominee Bill de Blasio! He will be taking over for Republican Michael Bloomberg who served three consecutive terms as the mayor of New York. Congratulations to de Blasio, his whole campaign team, and his beautiful family on the win! Check out some pics of New York’s newest elected mayor in the gallery!

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Wow! Guess Who Might Be Helping Chris Brown Avoid Jail Time: The Secret Service!

Chris Brown

Chris Brown may really be in luck. Reports have been conflicting thus far regarding his recent fight in Washington D.C. that resulted in jail time for the singer and a possible probation violation, but someone very important may be able to clear up the confusion: a member of the Secret Service! Here’s the deal:

In the official documents filed by the police on the scene of the fight, a witness told cops that he heard the victim tell another cop that Chris did NOT hit him, only the bodyguard. The cop this was allegedly told to denies the conversation ever happening…but a nearby, on-duty Secret Service agent (they were in D.C., after all…) has gotten in contact with D.C. police to tell them that he happened to be around when the victim told the cop Chris never hit him, and he’s 100% sure those words came out of his mouth.

It doesn’t get much more trustworthy than a Secret Service agent, so this could be a HUGE break for Chris with the L.A. Probation Department, since it’s up to them to decide whether Chris violated or not (which would result in up to 4 years in prison.) Stay tuned!

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WTF! Obama Advisor Tweeted THE N Word – Yup, The One You’re Thinking Of!


I mean, WOW! As if the government doesn’t have enough problems with this, ‘shutdown‘ situation! Twitter went ham yesterday after advisor to President Obama, Dan Pfeiffer tweeted out, “also a much n***er factor on the right” He immediatly sent out an apology tweet, but is he excused? When dealing in the business of getting the information out immediatly, you’ll make mistakes, but is this a mistake that the government should be making?! According to some twitter users, NO! Hit the jump and check out the backlash.

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(Video) A Must See!! The Cost Of Shut Down By The Numbers!!


Check out how our governments budget standoff’s effects America’s economy, institutions and government workers.

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In The Event Of A Government Shutdown, Here’s The List Of What Would Be Open And Closed!!!


After all of the commotion caused regarding our first government shutdown in 17 years, we have a list that makes the thought much more realistic. Despite the continuation of negotiations, many federal workers are anticipating some time off from work. For the average person, hit the jump to see how the shutdown will affect you.

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(Video) Watch Live Coverage Of The Senate Meeting About Shutting Down The Government!


In lieu of the impending Government Shutdown that the U.S. is facing, the Senate is currently meeting to discuss spending, figuring out what strings need to be pulled for the Affordable Care Act to get passed, and speaking on what needs to get done in order for the Government to stay fully operational.

Also known as “Obamacare,” the Affordable Care Act provides universal healthcare for all, but there is a huge amount of controversy surrounding it. This has been a bill that President Obama has been fighting long and hard to pass, but has yet to successfully do so due to conflicting views in the Senate amongst political parties. However according to President Obama, if the Affordable Care Act does not get passed by the Republican party immediately, the Government will be completely shut down until further notice.

Check out the live stream of the politicians debating on the Senate floor below.

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Find Out Everything You Need To Know About A “Government Shutdown”

Obama umbrella

After President Obama announced a possible Federal Government Shutdown earlier today, a lot of people have been in a panic because it sounds terrifying. Well, we’re here to give you a little insight into what a “Government Shutdown” really means. Click below to find out.

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Samuel L. Jackson Has Some Choice Words For President Obama!!

samuel l jackson reveals favorite super hero

Unlike the majority of the anchors that appear on FOX News when it comes to Barack Obama, Samuel L. Jackson had a thing or two to mention about our president’s grammar. Hit the jump to see his exact words.

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(Video) BREAKING: WTF! Sydney Leathers Shows Up To Anthony Weiner’s Election Party?!

IFWT_Sydney Leathers

What is wrong with this girl? As if Anthony Weiner hasn’t been shamed enough for sexting, the girl who outed him continues to show up at every turn to make his life miserable. Sydney Leathers showed up Tuesday night to Anthony Weiner’s election party as NYC awaits results of the September 10th primary. Saying he should have dropped out a long time ago and well as “it was my duty to be here”, Sydney wants to make sure she’s seen, essentially stretching out her 15 minutes of fame to 17 minutes. This girl will not drop it! She says she has a lot to say to him. Get over it, Sydney. Wasn’t it enough? Can you get rid of yourself now? Your sex tape isn’t even entertaining. Sit down. Check out the Vine of Sydney after the jump.

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