St. Louis Journalist Fired For Writing Offensive Comments About Mike Brown’s Mother


SMH! Some people just don’t know when to stop crossing the line. Hit the jump to check out his comments. *Warning* You will get tight reading it.

(Video) Eric Andre Thought He Was Going To Die At The RNC


When someone thinks they’re going to do die simply for acting a fool at your political party’s convention, that’s when you know you got an issue as a party.

(Video) Take a Look At Governor Cuomo’s $27 Billion Idea To Renovate The Subway Systems


Sheesh, for 27 billion dollars you might as well have these trains flying. The way these trains are going to look, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do.

(Video) Bill Clinton Caught Dozing Off During Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech

IFWT_Bill Clinton

Arguably one of the most historic moment’s in our country’s history was Hillary Clinton being the first woman to accept her nomination to represent the Democratic party against Donald Trump. That means she’ll be battling Donald Trump in November. With this moment happening, they caught her husband “resting his eyes” if you will.

(Video) Lil Wayne Surprised Hillary Clinton Used Some Of His Lyrics


Reporters caught up to Lil Wayne leaving Playhouse early Friday morning and broke the news to hi that during Hillary Clintons speech, she used some of his lyrics.

(Audio) Sean Hannity Claps Back At Jon Stewart!


Why is everyone at Fox so angry? lol Check out Sean Hannity take several shots at Jon Stewart, calling him some names.

Head Of DNC, Debbie Shcultz, Won’t Speak At The Convention After Leaked Email


The Democratic Party is going through it right now. Just when you think your tired hearing about someone’s “damn emails”, more controversy appears from the likes of the DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

ISIS Kills 61 Portestors In Afghanistan’s Capital Kabul


ISIS claims responsibility for yet another brutal attack in the Middle East. This time Hazara protestors demading rights was their target.

(Photo + Video) Politics: Hillary Clinton Selects Former Virgina Senator Tim Kaine As Her Running Mate


Hillary Clinton has picked her running mate for the 2016 presidential election. Former senator of Virgina, Tim Kane, will be in the race to become vice president of the United States.

Bernie Sanders Responds To Trump Saying His Supporters Will Vote For Him


Bernie Sanders literally spent his entire time watching the Republican National Convention taking shots at Donald Trump lol Hit the more button to see what he said in response to Trump’s Bernie shout-out.

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