Woman Recieves Death Threats For Wearing An “America Was Never Great” Hat


Krystal Lake, a student at Staten Island College, recently wore an “America Was Never Great” hat at her Home Depot job and received a ton of backlash, some of which were racist death threats smh.

(Photo) Street Artists Make a Mural Of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin Kissing Each Other


The troll level is strong in this one. I don’t think Donald Trump is going to take kindly what’s being shown in Lithuania.

(Video) Macklemore And Obama: A Conversation About Addiction


Some hopeful news from the White House today. President Obama is looking for $1.1 Billion in support for drug treatment in the U.S. He’s also looking to bring awareness to the youth, and what better way to do that than to reach out to a popular rapper who’s had a history with addiction himself, Macklemore.

Venezuelan President Fears Coup Backed By The US; Calls For State Of Emergency


What the hell is going on in Venezuela? Everything from food, to medicine, to electricity seems to be scarce. Since the recent impeachment of Brazil’s first woman’s president, Dilma Rousseff, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro fears a coup from his own people and some help from none other than the U.S. of A.

Brazil’s First Woman President Got Impeached For Breaking Federal Budget Laws


Brazil’s, now former President, Dilma Rousseff called this recent impeachment a “coup d’etat” and claims she is s victim of injustice.

(Video) Jimmy Kimmel For Vice President?


Jimmy Kimmel announces his Vice Presidential run…No seriously.

(Video) Phone Conversation Surfaces, Trump Claim’s It Wasn’t Him

IFWT_Donald Trump

Of course Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy and back tracking over what he said in the past after he realizes it was a mistake. This appears to be no different as something from his past resurfaces and brings questions.

(Photo) Donald Trump’s Butler Says Obama Should’ve Been Killed

IFWT_Donald Trump

As we continue to follow this circus we call a presidential candidate race, there has been controversy every step of the way. Mostly by of course Donald Trump and his outlandish comments. But this one however, comes from somebody who works for him.

President Obama To Public Schools: Allow Trans Students To Use Either Bathroom


What?? Well that’s a new one…I mean I guess the argument is how do you go about deciphering which bathroom a person of transgender should use? President Obama tells the public school systems to allow them to choose for themselves.

(Video) George Lopez Roasts Donald Trump


We all know Mexicans aren’t too fond of the Donald. One particular Mexican that has been very vocal about his dislike for the Republican Presidential nominee is none other than Mexican-American comedian George Lopez. Take a look at the kind words that George saved for Donald Trump.

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