(Photos) Homeland Security Wants Silicon Valley Office

  On Tuesday April 21, 2015, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson illustrated the department’s plan to establish an integral role in cyber security to combat cyberspace terrorism. The agency will open a satellite office in Silicon Valley. Their objectives are to join with tech companies to improve cyber security, reciprocate information while simultaneously recruiting tech workers for government jobs. It is noted that companies like Yahoo, Microsoft and Google, have expressed their discomfort with governments data-collecting practices that seize communications and information, using national security as justification. Homeland Security sent out a confirmation tweet, reading “At #RSAC, Sec. Johnson announces #DHS will open satellite office in Silicon Valley to help save our friends there. #DH SATRSA. Cyber security must be a partnership between government and private sector. We need each other, and we must work together. Sec Johnson #D SATRSA ” (BizJournal, 2015).

Robot Buys Drugs & Cleared Of All Charges

Online shopping is one of the newest ways to past time, that even robots are getting into it. What items would you expect a robot to order from the deep web? Ecstasy. That’s right, ecstasy. And when the robot gets caught, it gets all charges dropped. Check out how this robot gets away with a felony after the jump.

Meet Dell Glover….The Man That Changed The Music Business Forever!

It all started with the curious mind of Dell Glover in 1994. Glover was a temporary employee at the PolyGram factory which manufactured the new sensation of compact-disk. Glover trying to land a full time position with the company found himself at employee parties giving himself a chance to socialize with managers. Glover noticed that the music being played was smuggled music form the plant.

(Video) Teens Arrested After Posting Bragging Video To Facebook

Teens Arrested After Posting Bragging Videos To Facebook. Stop me if you’ve heard this before (my boss actually did stop me before writing this article to make sure we haven’t posted this one before) but a couple teens rob someone and then post it online to flaunt, only to get arrested and jailed days later.

(Photo) Chris Browns Stolen ID Being Sold Online For $10,000

Chris Browns Stolen ID Being Sold Online For $10,000 For once , Chris Brown is in the center of a crime investigation and actually is the victim . Stange…. Chris Brown is a Victim of Identity theft and his ID is being Sold online $10,000 . Its getting very real , very quick . CLICK READ MORE FOR THE DETAILS and PHOTO of Chris Browns ID !!!

(Photos) Men Take Selfies on Stolen iPad, Leads to Their Arrest

The Lox said a mouthful in their single last year with the statement, “stop taking selfies you bi**h ass ni**a.” Now selfies have officially caused imprisonment and felony charges as it’s reported two Houston Men Take Selfies on Stolen iPad, Leads to Their Arrest (SMH!!!).

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