(Video) Martin Shkreli Speaks On Raising Drug Prices And Being The World’s Villain


In case you are unfamiliar with Martin Shkreli, he’s the guy who bought Wu Tang Clan’s latest one copy album – Once Upon A Time in Shaolin. Oh, and he’s also the guy was raised the price of drugs to help treat AIDS by 5000%. Here’s an in depth interview below on Shkreli – and his choices. Hit the jump.

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(Video) Wiz Khalifa Threatens Kanye: “We Coming For You Kanye, Better Run!”


This could potentially be the twitter beef of 2016 and the year has just begun. After Wiz Khalifa already shouted out to a packed crowd in Argentina “F*ck Kanye!”, he now furthers his remarks by realllly threatening ‘Ye – with Taylor Gang’s army coming for the GOOD Music owner. Hit the jump.

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(Video) Coldplay Ft. Beyonce – Hymn For The Weekend


Coldplay & Beyonce get together to give us a visual for “Hymn For The Weekend”. Take a look after the jump!

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(Video) Vince Staples – Lift Me Up


Vince Staples releases a visual for “Lift Me Up”. Take a look at the video after the jump!

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(Video) Rick Ross Had His Ex & Another Girl In The Same Dress At His Party Last Night; Lira Galore Reacts

ifwt_Rick Ross MAIN

Last night, Rick Ross celebrated his birthday with a huge bash in Atlanta, and tons of people were there to celebrate with him – including his ex-girlfriend Shateria…and his latest conquest, stripper Skrawberry.

What’s interesting is he put them both in the same dress, though he entered the party with Shateria. Seems like they’re both totally cool with it, though, as Skrawberry commented that it was purposely done. This is…weird. Meanwhile, Lira Galore is feeling some type of way. Check out the pics and video below.

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(Video) Ty Dolla $ign Performs “Saved” With E-40 On Conan

ifwt_TY dolla x Conan

Ty Dolla $ign appeared on Conan last night, bringing the legendary E-40 along with him to perform their DJ Mustard-produced track, “Saved.” The song is the next single off of Ty’s debut album, Free TC.

Backed by a live band, check out the live performance of “Saved” below. Love this song!

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(Video) Martin Shkreli: What A Douche Bag


Martin Shkreli give zero f**ks and ain’t worried ’bout nothing, or nobody. The pharmaceutical executive, hated by probably 99% of the world’s population, makes an appearance on TMZ Live to reveal that criminal charges of securities fraud has no baring on his conscience.

“I’m innocent,” he says.

In addition to things that doesn’t bother nor scare him, Shkreli says that he’s from Brooklyn. Therefore, Ghostface Killah sending threats does not effect him. “Just because he was in Wu-Tang 20 years ago” doesn’t mean anything; he’s old, I’m young was pretty much the argument.

Earlier today, the 32-year-old released a video warning the Wu-Tang alum.

Hit the jump for more.

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(Video) DJ Khaled Has More Keys To Success In His Bag


Another one, another one, another one, etc. There are too many keys to success. DJ Khaled just can’t stop giving advice. Reality television star Kim Kardashian, politician Jed Bush, and the sports officials over at ESPN have been tipped off with keys to move right in 2016. There is no way they can fail, right?

Khaled continues on his campaign during a stop at OTHERtone. He gifts Pharrell Williams and Aziz Ansari with the major keys to success.

Check it out down bottom.

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(Video) Watch Max B Documentary Teaser “Waves” … To Be Released The Same Day As Kanye West’s Album


Can we say, plug. The “Waves” documentary, starring Max B, is not to be confused with the upcoming Kanye West album, “Waves”; although they will both be released on the same exact day.

Max B, who floated on “My Wave,” is the cause of the Internet chaos that took place on Wednesday [Jan. 27]. After Kanye decided to change the title of his album from SWISH to Waves, Wiz Khalifa got wind of it. Apparently, speaking your peace is not what Kanye wants to hear; the boy went in. Meanwhile Max B is still releasing the “Waves” documentary.

Check out the teaser for the “Waves” documentary below.

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(Video) Aside From The Part About Her Iggy Azalea Is All For Macklemore’s “White Privilage II”

Iggy Azalea x Macklemore

Macklemore’s “White Privilege II” calls on a few names of individuals that seem to take the culture of other races, and use it for their own personal use; Iggy Azalea is one of those names.

Although she sorta voiced her opinion before-and got slammed for it-she has something to say again.

While running through LAX, TMZ spotted Iggy. A cameraman asked the “Azillion” artist shows Mack nothing but respect. She agrees with him to an extent-that extent being her name drop.

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