iPhone 5S & 5C Coming To WHAT Carriers?!

That’s right, for all of those people out there living that month to month life, only spending $30 to $50 on their mobile needs, only seeing others with the iPhone, You too can join in on the Reindeer(iOS) games!! Boost and Virgin Mobile will be getting the New iPhones!!!

(Video) And Here’s How The iPhone 5S Touch ID Fingerprint Security Can Be HACKED!!!!

It was a matter of time but damn the Sunday right after the Friday that it came out, That’s Quick!! You might want to stick with that passcode instead of using the fingerprint security.

(Video) This Is How The New iPhone 5S Camera Is Working!!

As you are ‘Looking’ at the quality and camera refocusing, ask yourself does the new 5S’ camera meet your needs and wants?

(Video) LMAO…Is This What The ‘S’ Stands For In iPhone 5S?!

LOL this is too funny! A parody video of how Apple plans to make the ‘Same’ model, drop down and check it out!

(Video) See The iPhone 5S In ALL It’s Colors!!!

This event known as the iPhones 5S is around the corner, no matter the heavy circulation of rumors, it’s a matter of time before is all real. The video below just makes you want to get your current iPhone all the more ready to trade in at the apple store!!

(Video) Caught On Tape: Man Receives New iPhone Parts From China!!

This doesn’t seem like a big deal right? Dude positioning it as an unboxing, but is apple good with this? Doubt it, but do I really gaf? Nope, see video of these alleged ‘unboxing’ of the new iPhone 5C shell.

(Photos) Did You Hear THIS About The NEW iPhones?!?

Just so you know, and you should know this by now since its a yearly situation, but just in case we’ve wrangled the latest/newest rumors, leaks, and speculation thus far into one nice little post(except without the iPhone 6 Concepts post).

(Photos) NEW iPhones Caught On Camera Before Launch?!

The Sept 10th launch date is quickly approaching and iPhonemania is in Full Swing!! Hit the Jump to see the pics of the alleged NEW iPhones, which looks like is coming out of China, giving it some validity since the iPhone is produced in China!!

Take This POLL: Which Of These Will Be Smartphone of the Year?!?!??

This is the question in my mind since I saw how incredible the GS4 was at the reveal, and knowing how Dope Apple usually is, I’ve been tussling back and forth, Which will be greater this year….Is this the year Samsung becomes King, or is this the year Apple shows you Why it’s King(for good?)…But Ultimately, the People Will decide(by Purchasing 1 more than the other), So which one do you think will be the Smartphone of 2013?!?!?!!!!

Apple Now Has a Third 4 Inch iPhone in The Works!!!

We keep hearing rumblings about a larger iPhone this year, according to Digitimes Apple does have 2 iPhones planned for releases sometime this year, first the iPhone 5s in June and a cheaper iPhone with a plastic body and will be available in several colors. And the rumored “iPhone Math” would be announced or released around the 2013 holiday season. Inside sources say that Apple has a 3rd 4 inch iPhone in the works but the claim Apple has no plans on releasing that iPhone until 2014. According to Digitimes the iPhone 5 will have shipped 37 million units in the first qtr of 2013. Not bad since Analysts said the iPhone 5 has slid and lost market share to Samsungs GS III. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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