IFWT_F iPhone 5S
That’s right, for all of those people out there living that month to month life, only spending $30 to $50 on their mobile needs, only seeing others with the iPhone, You too can join in on the Reindeer(iOS) games!! Boost and Virgin Mobile will be getting the New iPhones!!!

Tat Wza

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Actually Sprint is the Big Boy behind both networks, but oddly enough Virgin is said to have the iPhones available Oct 1st(tomorrow), but Boost is said to have them sometime in Q3(but as far as I know the end of Q3 is today o_0)
Virgin already has the previous iPhone 4/4S/5 in it’s stock, and you have to remember have to buy the phone straight out in order to get that low monthly price(between $600-$700), and you’ll be FREE of a contract and will own the phone, letting you go to another carrier if needed(as long as it’s CDMA ie Sprint or Verizon…maybe metroPCS). Speaking of MetroPCS, it’s the last no iPhone carrier in the US.