(Photos) Oh My That’s Heavy! Superstar Toni Braxton Fault’s Herself For Son Being Diagnosed With Autism?

If you didn’t know, the issue of Autism effecting young children is a big issue, and a hot button debate topic in today’s society. With so many children being effected by this puzzling disorder where no two cases are alike, you’ve heard numerous celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy rallying behind the cause suggesting that some vaccinations may be the culprit of the frequency of cases. Find out why the megastar faults herself inside!

Umm, Messy: Flo Rida’s Alleged Baby Mama Says He Offered $$ For An Abortion But None For The Child!

Flo Rida seems to be caught up in the circle of alleged baby mamas and it’s getting messier by the minute. Natasha Georgette Williams, who claims to be the mother of Flo’s child, took the artist to court stating that he refuses to offer her any financial help during her pregnancy. The most recent court docs state that although he won’t fund his baby mama in question, he did offer to pay for an abortion. Once the baby is born, the two both agreed to get a DNA test done to find out if Flo Rida really is the father or not. Although he’s not denying getting it poppin’ with the woman over ten times, he says she also had various other partners during the same time period. Hmmmmmm. Can someone call Maury?

Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Speaks on Miss Jackson’s Abortion, Wanting Reality TV Fame & Takes Shots at Nelly

Floyd Mayweather created quite a media frenzy when he put his ex-fiancee Shantel Jackson on blast for aborting their twin babies.  Floyd continued to vent on Instagram by posting pictures of Miss Jackson before her plastic surgery and basically saying that he made her.  Of course everyone wanted to know the full story so Floyd did an interview with Big Tigger and explained the whole situation.  He also took shots at Nelly who’s been rumored to have a relationship with Miss Jackson since her split from Floyd.

(Audio) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Says Shantel Jackson Deserved To Be Shamed, Airs More Dirty Laundry

As a fan of Floyd Mayweather I am really hoping his focus outside the ring this week doesn’t affect him tomorrow night. The back & forth between himself, Shantel Jackson & Nelly continued today as Floyd spoke with Big Tigger on V103 just a short time ago. He really seems set on explaining his version of things which is different for Floyd because usually he doesn’t care. During the convo with Tigger he once again doesn’t hold back and takes more shots at Shantel. Hit the jump.

(PHOTO) Sports: Shantel Jackson Responds To Floyd Mayweather’s Jabs With Clippers Comment

And the drama continues… Let’s see it started with Floyd putting it on blast that Shantel Jackson had an abortion and that’s why they broke up, then Nelly fired back, then Floyd put up pics of Shantel before surgery and that leads us to Shantel finally reacting to everything.  She knows Mayweather wants to buy the Clippers, so she used that in what she said in her Instagram post. Check it out…

(PHOTOS) Sports: Floyd Mayweather Takes More Shots at Shantel Jackson & Nelly Responds!

  Geeeez-us.  What the hell happened that made Floyd Mayweather go off like this??  Was it the pic Shantel Jackson posted cuddled with Nelly early this morning???  Well whatever it is, Mayweather hasn’t stopped since.  He first posted up a pic of an ultrasound saying Shantel had an abortion (twins) and then he’s been posting up different pics of Shantel before she allegedly had different surgeries.  Well Nelly took to Twitter to respond.  How does Floyd have time for this with his fight coming up???  Check it all out…

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