President Obama Wants To Make Millions More Americans Eligible For Overtime

The Obama administration has announced new rules that will boost the salary threshold for time-and-a-half overtime pay from the current $23,660 to $50,440.

(Photos+Video) Surgeon Promising First Head Transplant Ask Americans For Help

An Italian neurosurgeon commits to perform the world’s first head transplant and asks Americans for help.

Study Shows Soda Ingredient Exposes Americans To A Higher Risk Of Cancer! 

A new study shows that an ingredient in soda exposes Americans to a higher risk of cancer. Read more on the story after the jump! 

(Photos) Azealia Banks Goes Off On Americans For Consuming Huge Amounts Of Fast Food!

Dayum! Azealia Banks gave a harsh reality to Americans on Twitter. Read what she said after the jump…

(Video) Nas Stresses The Importance Of History Among Black Youth In America

Nas sits down with Time magazine and talks about the importance of encouraging the, “king and queen” black youth in America. As one of hip hop’s most influential icons, Nas uses his voice to suggest that not just blacks, but also white Americans know the history of racism and more. Drop down bottom for more.

(Photos) Research Finds: Americans Search Booty More Than Boobs Online

(Video) U.S. State Department Issues Terror Warning For Sochi Olympics!

The U.S. State Department released a warning to Americans, stating they believe there will be more terrorist attacks during the Sochi Olympics in Russia. Although there was not a specific threat, it is known that many Americans will be traveling to see the Winter Olympics and should be alerted of the recent string of attacks in the area. To see news coverage of this story, click below.

Pirates Sentenced To Life For Killing U.S Citizens???

The jury in a case regarding the killing of 4 Americans years ago, is recommending that the four pirates who attacked their yacht, get life sentences! Read more after jump.

American Dream Deferred: 80% Of Americans Will Deal With THIS!!!

A recent survey made for the Associated Press revealed that our nation’s gap between the rich and poor is growing wider. The reason may seem logic from both aspects, despite one class severely suffering from the gap. The losses are poverty and welfare dependency. Unfortunately, they are a effects of unemployment.

BREAKING NEWS: Four Americans Killed Since 2009 In Drone Strikes

For the first time Wednesday, the Obama administration opened up about the four American citizens have been killed in drone strikes since 2009 in Pakistan and Yemen. The disclosure to Congress comes on the eve of a major national security speech by President Barack Obama. “In conducting U.S. counterterrorism operations against al-Qaida and its associated forces, the government has targeted and killed one American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, and is aware of the killing by U.S. drones of three others.” Fox claims Attorney General Eric Holder says. Read more below.

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