Kris Jenner Details Her Craziest Sex Story With Bruce Jenner Before He Was A She!

As one could imagine, it has been a tough road for Kris Jenner after her husband of 20+ years decided to become a full-blown woman. However, it doesn’t change the fact that they shared years of memories together. In a recent interview with Cosmo, MOMager Kris Jenner detailed her wildest sex story with Bruce (before he turned into Caitlyn) and it is half disturbing and half comical (not quite sure which side we’re leaning more towards).

WOAH… You’ll Never Guess What Kris Jenner Said About Caitlyn!

Kris Jenner just isn’t playing fair now-a-days, but can we really blame her? It’s clear that the MOMager has some deep seeded hurt she still has to deal with after her husband of 20+ years decided to become a woman recently, causing a bit of confusion for the entire Kardashian/Jenner family.

(Video) Caitlyn Jenner Won’t Face Charges In Fatal Car Accident

Due to insufficient evidence, Caitlyn Jenner will not be prosecuted for involvement in a chain reaction car accident this past February that left one woman dead.

(Video) Caitlyn Jenner Reacts To The Halloween Costumes Of Her Vanity Fair Cover

There is quite an interesting Halloween costume based on Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Cover being sold by Spirit…but surprisingly, Caitlyn is being a great spirit about it. “I’m in on the joke,” she told Lauer on Today. “I don’t think it’s offensive at all. I know the community does and they’ve gotten a lot of criticism for doing it. I think it’s great.” “We could have done my own costume,” she added. “I mean that was a serious bustier on the cover of Vanity Fair, you know?” Check out the full clip below and a pic of the costume in the gallery.

Kris Jenner Reportedly Attempting To Change Her Last Name Back To Kardashian

According to reports, Kris Jenner is ready to go back to being a Kardashian after 22 years. (But you’re not married to either one anymore – what about your maiden name, ma’am?) “Kris has seriously been thinking about changing her last name back to Kardashian,” a source said. “Kris always considered [her ex-husband] Robert Kardashian to be the love of her life, and their family empire is built on the Kardashian name. It would be so much simpler if Kris just changed her name back.” She attempted to change it back in 2011, but stopped because Bruce was offended. Now that that’s no longer an issue, it’s fair game! Do you think she should? I wonder what Corey Gamble thinks!

Sports: Investigators Recommend Manslaughter Charge & Prison Time For Caitlyn Jenner

Back when Caitlyn Jenner was still technically Bruce Jenner, he was the cause of a deadly accident outside of Los Angeles. One woman was killed when Jenner was going too fast and not fully aware of his surroundings. Now, according to reports, Jenner could be looking at prison time after investigators recommended it based on the accident scene and the evidence that Jenner set off a chain reaction of crashes.

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