Charlie Sheen Is Drowning His Sorrows In Alcohol & Ensure

I could only imagine what Charlie Sheen is going through as an individual diagnosed with HIV. In addition to the sexual transmitted disease, the man has not been eating. Drop down bottom for more.

Oh My! Charlie Sheen Accused Of Giving Sloppy To A Man … On Film

Charlie Sheen should have known that announcing his positive HIV status would put him under a microscope for the truth, lies, and unbelievable rumors. RadarOnline claims that they “viewed a bootleg copy” of the Anger Management actor smoking crack and going down low on his co-star, a male.

WOW! You Won’t Believe Which Celebrity Made Donald Trump Bite His Tongue!

Donald Trump is notorious for his easy flowing hair, million dollar businesses, but most recently, for his big mouth. Trump talked with Yahoo on his feelings about certain celebs, but you won’t believe which brunette goddess ‘The Trump’ himself chose to stay quiet on.

Charlie Sheen’s Ex Porn Star Girlfriend Speaks Out On His HIV Positive Status

Word broke a few days ago that Charlie Sheen is in fact HIV positive. For him, this was a huge announcement for personal reasons. For his former partners, this could mean life or death. Sheen’s ex porn star girlfriend Elizabeth Bentley had the calmest reaction in the world to anyone who just found out their former fling has a non-curable disease that could kill you.

Martin Sheen Applauds His Son For Announcing His Status To The World

Following Charlie Sheen’s HIV announcement on the TODAY Show, his father Martin Sheen, reveals his massive support of the 50-year-old claiming that from that point forward, it would be, “the first day of the rest of Charlie’s life as a free man.” Find out more.

Charlie Sheen Pens An Open Letter Following HIV Announcement

After dropping a bombshell announcement on Matt Lauer on Tuesday morning (November 17th), revealing that he’s HIV positive, actor Charlie Sheen penned an open letter to the public opening up his struggle and internal battle since being diagnosed with the virus. Read more below.

Despite HIV Announcement, It Looks Like Charlie Sheen Will Still Have To Cough Up The Hush Money

Charlie Sheen did what will probably be one of the most difficult things in his life this week; he announced that he is HIV positive on live television in front of millions. During the interview on The Today Show, Sheen explained that he has paid people “in the millions” to keep his secret on the DL. According to him, he is done paying people to keep his HIV positive status on the hush hush and wanted to come out and let the world know his secret he’s been hiding for the past 2 years. Unfortunately, it looks like he might not have a choice – regardless of his announcement.

Eazy E’s Son Speaks Out On Charlie Sheen’s HIV Positive Status & Compares Him To His Father

The [not-so-shocking] but still pretty surprising news of Charlie Sheen’s HIV status was announced this week and after years of keeping his disease a secret, Sheen finally came out and told the world he is indeed HIV positive.

B.S. Called On Charlie Sheen’s Ex Of Claims That She Lived With Him Upon The News Of HIV Diagnosis

Charlie Sheen could be in more trouble with coming out with the news of positive HIV results. The promiscuous 50-year-old opened up about having the virus on the TODAY Show with Matt Lauer, and claimed that he himself had learned of the news in 2011. Folks are saying that he knew prior to then, and intentionally put women’s lives in danger by not disclosing the information; that includes his ex, Bree Olsen. However, he’s saying Olsen is a big fat lie. Find out more down bottom.

Charlie Sheen’s Exes Bree Olson, Mia Isabella, Brooke Mueller & Natalie Kenly React To His HIV Announcement

After Charlie Sheen revealed his HIV positive status on The Today Show this morning, naturally all eyes are looking to his many ex-girlfriends, curious to know both their reaction and the status of their health as well. So far, we have heard from four of them – Bree Olson, the former porn star who was once one of Charlie’s live-in “Goddesses,” his other Goddess Natalie Kenly, his ex-wife Brooke Mueller, with whom he has twin boys with, and transgender actress Mia Isabella, who became known earlier this year for her alleged tryst with rapper Tyga. I am unsure of how accurate it is to call Mia his “ex-girlfriend” as I don’t know details of their actual relationship – if there even was one – but we will go with that for now, as per the media. Brooke and Charlie divorced in 2011, which is the same year he then began dating Bree and Natalie, moving them both into his Hollywood home. Brooke has released the following statement through her rep:

“Brooke has been inundated with calls from friends and family. To put their minds at ease, Brooke can confirm that she and the boys are not HIV positive.”

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