Charlie Weis, Fired! [UT OH!]


Everything in life is temporary unfortunately, for Charlie Weis his position at Kansas ended earlier than expected. Weis, former Patriot was let go after his 4th game in his 3rd season coaching at Kansas. I’m not one to judge but having a 6-22 record is more than a red flag.

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NCAA: Georgia WR Malcolm Mitchell Confirms To Never Judge A Book By Its Cover


Formerly reading at a junior high school level, Mitchell decided to take matters into his own hands by joining an all-women book club, resulting in improvement on his reading. Give it up for Malcolm Mitchell for facing his obstacles on and off the field. To read more on this touching story, jump on it guys…

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(Video) NCAA: Johnny Who? Texas A&M QB Breaks Manziel Record, Cost Furniture Store $1 Million Dollars


They aren’t going to forget about Johnny football that fast back at Texas A&M, but new quarterback Kenny Hill is doing his best to make that happen. The young QB threw for 511 yards and three touchdowns last night which broke Manziel’s single game passing record en route to a 52-28 blowout win over higher ranked South Carolina. Maybe more importantly is the fact Hill cost Ashley’s furniture $1 million dollars because they promised any customer who bought furniture in the month of august would get their money back if the team won by more than 10 points. They won by 24 and customers are happy , and surprisingly so is the store even though they now have to refund customers. The store was smart enough to take out insurance and actually won’t come out as bad because of it.

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Sports: SMH, Former College Football Star Turned Police Officer Accused Of Raping Women While on Duty


This is disgusting. How low do you get man. A trusted member of the community, police officer Daniel Holtzclaw, who was also a college football star, stands accused or raping numerous women, all while on duty as a cop! He was arrested and charged with the rape of at least seven different women, and to think he could of been in the NFL living a totally different life. It’s going to be so bad for him in jail and he deserves it. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NCAA: It’s Going Down!! Huge Brawl Ends College Football Game!!


With 1:10 remaining in a junior college football game between Long Beach City and College Of The Desert in California, a stoppage of play that seemed to be a fumble ended in a chaotic scene that led to the game being called, with host Long Beach City leading 55-10 at the time. Both benches cleared and an all-out melee ensued. The funniest part is one of the players take a huge running start and does a karate type jump kick to the opponent but the opponent barely moves. Instead the player who threw the kick gets ambushed and it’s on from there! Hit the jump for the video.

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(PHOTO) Most Photogenic Player in College Football?! Loses Helmet, Getting Tackled & Looks Amazing! Lol

IFWT_Cam McDaniel 1

Meet Notre Dame running back Cam McDaniel who is now known as the most photogenic player in college football. The picture (which has now gone viral) really is pretty amazing considering the factors involved.  He looks so calm like he’s modeling, but this was taken during the game against USC last Saturday. Lol.  Check it out after the jump…

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(Photos) NCAA: SMH, College Football Player Found Murdered Near Apartment


Sad news today from the college football world. Eastern Michigan university receiver Demarius Reed was found dead in a hallway near his off campus apartment. His roommate found him early this morning. Police say Reed died of a gunshot wound, and his death is being investigated as a homicide. No official word has been released by the school yet. Reed has played for Eastern Michigan for 3 seasons, and was currently in the middle of his best year yet with 15 receptions for 185 yards and a score. He started every game and was the fourth-leading receiver on the squad. He would of had a chance to show his skills for the NFL at the combine next year. Our prayers are with him and his family today. The investigation is ongoing.

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(Photos) NCAA: Snoop Dogg’s Son Cordell Gets Big Time Football Scholarship Offers


Make no mistake. This is not some story about the child of a celebrity using their parents fame to help get them where they want to be. Cordell Broadus, the son of Snoop Dogg is an elite high school football talent. The scholarship offers are rolling in and there are some very serious schools on the list. Hit the jump to see what Cordell is dealing with.

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NFL: Texans Running Back Arian Foster Goes Off On The NCAA, Admits He Took Money In College


In an upcoming documentary called “Schooled: The Price of College Sports”, Arian Foster is brutally honest about his times in college and being able to get money from people around his college program to help him get by. Foster, who attended the University of Tennessee, said he never took money from coaches, but there were always people around the campus to help out. He actually makes some really good points, and hopefully his brutal honesty will open some eyes of the people in the NCAA. Hit the jump to see his quotes.

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(Video) NCAA: Damn! Football Player Uppercuts Opponent Through His Helmet


I am still not understanding why football players love to try and punch an opponent on the field. You do remember they have a helmet on right? The only thing that is going to get hurt is your hand. Clemson offensive lineman learned that lesson last night. Towards the end of Clemson’s win over NC State, Isaiah Battle throws an uppercut at NC State defensive player Jarvis Byrd. The punch looks like it lands directly on the chin of Byrd, so maybe Battle’s hand won’t be hurting that much since he didn’t hit much helmet. He will pay for it in another way however by being suspended. Hit the jump to see the punch.

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